Bitcoin for pizza, not the other way around, says Papa John's offer to UK customers

Famous pizza chain Papa John’s has begun giving away cryptocurrency rewards for customers in the United Kingdom.

According to the online offers of Papa John’s in theU.K., pizza lovers can receive 10 euro ($12) worth of Bitcoin (BTC) by spending 30 euro ($36) or more at select locations in the U.K. and Ireland. Users can claim the coins through cryptocurrency exchange Luno before Sunday.

Though it was not specified why the BTC offer is available now, the franchise has a notable history with cryptocurrency. On May 22, 2010 — known as Bitcoin Pizza Day — Laszlo Hanyecz became the first person to complete a successfully documented commercial transaction of crypto for two Papa John’s pizzas. The pies cost Hanyecz 10,000 BTC — a few dollars at the time, but now worth more than $544 million.

The crypto space is often flooded with pizza chains making crypto-related offers around Bitcoin Pizza Day. Last year, crypto exchange BitFlyer purchased pizzas from San Francisco shops and donated them to a number of homeless shelters.

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