Bitcoin SV: Providing Healthcare Solutions During A Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has shown the world how faulty many systems and governments are. Delays and misinformation are huge deterrents in the battle against the virus and its destructive effects.

Bitcoin SV has paved the way for the development of solutions that will aid in global crises such as the current pandemic.

Healthcare Data on the Bitcoin SV Blockchain

Currently, healthcare data exist in silos that make it difficult to be accessed by outsiders, and even patients themselves need to go through procedures to get ahold of their own data. This kind of system where data is managed internally by different institutions engenders blind spots for healthcare researchers and providers. It also removes ownership of data from the patients.

Just a few months ago, EHR Data Inc.and its partners proposed a solution by creating a platform that will record billions of transactions composed of patient data on the Bitcoin SV blockchain.

With this kind of global ledger of patient data powered by the Bitcoin SV blockchain, people in the healthcare industry—from doctors, nurses, researchers, pharmacologists to health insurance agents—can all have access to the same records.

“So desperate systems of health care information on patients will now be brought from siloed information into one single record of truth… And that data can then be accessed to take care of that patient, right? Can’t really look at a patient and try to diagnose when you only have pieces of the information. Having it all together, that one record, is going to not only save lives, but increase patient safety,” PDX Inc. Chief Clinical Officer Cheryl Jorgenson explains.


At present, people depend on governments and other global institutions for updates on the coronavirus pandemic; and it usually takes time for these data to be collated and then released to the public. With a global healthcare ledger on the Bitcoin SV blockchain, people can have real-time access to these crucial data without unnecessary delays.

Patients Own Their Data

Not only will a global record of healthcare data on the Bitcoin SV blockchain benefit healthcare practitioners, but also patients. One of the things that make this platform great is that patients will be given ownership of their personal data; and thus, they will be able to rightfully earn revenues from them.

“Data in the United States today is looked at as an economic benefit… And when you think about these silos, every one of those groups that I just mentioned is making hundreds of millions of dollars off of the patients’ data… We believe that the patient owns their data, and why not incentivize them with rewards on the utilization of their data,” PDX Inc. Chairman and Founder Ken Hill states.

What this means is that they are giving back control of personal data to individuals through the use of the Bitcoin SV blockchain, which can not only accommodate big data, but can also be used to store them for eternity. With this, patient royalty programs are made possible and patients will earn every time they allow for their medical records to be utilized for research and other uses. And this pandemic has taught everyone that extra income is always needed.

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