Bitcoin Transactions Can be Private with Coinomize

2021 is definitely the Bitcoin Year since it began with a massive increase in value for cryptocurrencies. Now even our grandparents are familiar with the term “crypto”. It was all over the news.

When Bitcoin finally caught the spotlight, it conquered a lot of people, as it offers the financial security everybody needed for years.

However, many think that Bitcoin is their ticket for private transactions, which is a huge misunderstanding. Although there are no more third parties involved in your transfers, everything is recorded on the blockchain – which is public. 

If you want to get total privacy, you need a bitcoin blender like Coinomize. 

What is Coinomize about?

Coinomize is one of the best bitcoin mixer out there, with remarkable technology at the lowest costs possible. 

The platform mixes your crypto with those of other users to make the source of transactions impossible to identify. And 72 hours after the transaction, Coinomize deletes all user-related data records for a plus of safety. 

You are free to delete them sooner if you want. 

What fees charge Coinomize?

The Coinomize website charges users based on the mixing power chosen and the delay time. If you want maximum power, the transfer will have a 72h delay, and it will cost just 5% of the transfer amount. 

Of course, when you make an order, you can change the sliders until you find your best combo. But the costs will never exceed that 5%. 

What is the process?

Coinomize can be used with no fear by anybody, regardless of their technical knowledge. 

The only thing that users need to do is put their Bitcoins on Coinomize’s Pool and select their mixing power options. Then it all depends on the software that sends your coins to thousands of other accounts and then back at you. 

This time, if somebody would want to find the source of your transactions, they would need to start a (very) long journey only to see in the end that it is impossible. 

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