BitMarket Network Releases New Open-Source Cryptocurrency Wallet

Cryptocurrency is becoming more and more widespread and is now being used extensively for the purchase of goods and services. Particular attention, therefore, needs to be given to the choice of a wallet, which allows you to securely store funds and make secure transactions.
There are many services for storing virtual money. But the increased emphasis is placed on new projects that demonstrate unique technical capabilities. One of them is BitMarket Network. And just recently, a stable alpha version of an open-source cross-platform local wallet has been released.

The new version of the software has been released with the following updates:

  • the database engine has been changed from the ‘sqlite3’ package to the ‘bmnsqlite’ package;
  • full database encryption with AES-XTS cipher is completed;
  • the new database table structure is used;
  • setting the QML_DISK_CACHE_PATH environment variable;
  • setting the QQmlEngine.offlineStoragePath property;
  • some command line option names have been renamed to be more readable;
  • limited download of data from the server (16MiB);
  • QML: Keyboard navigation optimization.

BitMarket Network: Benefits Worth Considering

The BitMarket Network Client multicurrency wallet has some distinctive features resulting in popularity among ordinary users as well as among developers.

  • Convenient User Experience and User Interface. The process of using the wallet has become even more comfortable. Users will appreciate a pleasant visual as well as colors, font size, and buttons.
  • Open source. Private keys are not transmitted and are securely stored on the user’s local device. Independent developers can audit and identify vulnerabilities.
  • Mobility. Transactions can be carried out 24/7 in any convenient place. Seed phrase gives you access to your funds.
  • Multicurrency. At this stage, clients have the opportunity to work with two cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin and Litecoin, and others would be available within the near future.
  • Cross-platform. In the first step of development, the crypto wallet is compatible with Win/Mac OS X/Linux, within the near future BitMarket Network Client will be available for iOS and Android.

The project takes into account the needs of the audience and is being improved daily in working towards improved user functions, openness, and security. Representatives of BitMarket Network would appreciate feedback from ordinary users and specialists. Qualified developers are invited to cooperate.

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