BSV Academy introduces new course on digital signatures for Bitcoin developers

A new short course from the BSV Academy is now available, helping new BSV developers to understand Bitcoin’s digital signatures. The “Bitcoin Primitives: Digital Signatures” course explains the Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA).

The three-hour course gives an introduction to digital signatures and how they’re used in processing Bitcoin transactions. While it assumes no prior knowledge of BSV specifically, some development experience or knowledge of the basic workings of Bitcoin and blockchain is required.

There are four stages to the course, discussing the concept of digital signatures itself, pre-requisites to understand ECDSA properly, technical aspects of ECDSA, and how it forms part of the Bitcoin protocol. The course is presented by Manisha Arora.

The new Digital Signatures course is one of a three-part “Bitcoin Essentials” stream aimed at beginners, which also includes “Bitcoin Basics: Protocol and Design” (already available) and “Merkle Trees and Their Application in Bitcoin” (coming soon).

BSV blockchain’s association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen said 2022 would be a big year for BSV and highlighted the organization’s commitment to education as one of the key drivers.

“That starts today with the release of the Bitcoin Essentials: Digital Signatures course, which introduces fundamental concepts that are critical for developers interested in building on the BSV blockchain – developing the skills required to grow the talent pool necessary to bring the transformational potential the technology represents to business, government and society,” said Nguyen in a press release.

In the end, learners are assessed on proficiency and understanding of the subject matter, and receive a certificate of completion from the BSV Academy.

Why education is important to using Bitcoin properly

An initiative of the Switzerland-based industry organization for the BSV blockchain, the BSV Academy was launched in December 2020 to help developers and others learn more about BSV’s unique properties and create valuable projects. There are different “streams” available ranging from fundamentals and philosophy of Bitcoin to more advanced techniques in Bitcoin development and infrastructure.

Education is one of the major hurdles both beginners and experienced developers looking to join the BSV ecosystem face. Over the past 13 years, many have grasped the essentials of both Bitcoin and blockchain technology, but still need to learn the specifics about what makes BSV so powerful.

Get started with Bitcoin Primitives: Digital Signatures here.

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