Chainlink Community Members Awarded Grant to Build Coding Academy

In brief:

  • Chainlink Community advocates Cole Gendreau and Zak Ayesh have been awarded a grant to build the Chainlink Academy
  • The academy is a coding platform and open-source library of resources for those interested in building smart contracts using Chainlink
  • The Chainlink Community Grant program is geared towards supporting growth in the network and community

The team at Chainlink has announced that it has awarded Community advocates Cole Gendreau and Zak Ayesh, a grant to build the Chainlink Academy.

According to the announcement, the academy is a ‘new interactive coding platform and open-source library of resources that allows developers to learn the intricacies of building universally connected smart contracts using Chainlink as a gateway to access real-world data and systems.’

The Chainlink Academy will facilitate the onboarding of new developers beginning their journey of building decentralized applications using smart contracts on Chainlink. The academy will provide the following resources to the Chainlink community.

  • Fundamental courses that explain Chainlink’s core features, testing the ability of developers to build applications and run specific tasks. The courses will provide completion certificates
  • A website dedicated to providing information and training tailor-made for Chainlink. It will include developer tutorials, coding exercises, how-to guides and more
  • Additional in-depth and complex courses focused on building on the knowledge of Chainlink developers

The Chainlink Grant Program is Geared Towards Growth of the Network and Community

The team at Chainlink went on to reiterate that the Community Grant Program is geared towards growing the network and community.

…we look forward to continuing to empower more and more Chainlink ecosystem teams and researchers who are both researching and building key tools and infrastructure that accelerate the development of universally connected smart contracts and secure oracle networks.

We will continue supporting the community as a key driver of Chainlink’s rapid growth, because only together can we make universally connected smart contracts into the dominant form of digital agreement.

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