Chainlink LINK Price Smashes Resistance Levels !Hit New ATH Above $24

LINK Price is at New ATH, Is $30 Imminent?

The Bitcoin price rally which flipped outspread the bear market which slashed the price of the majority of the crypto assets to lower levels. Link price also experienced a drastic plunge which dragged the price to as low as $17 from above $22. 

Miners Garden
Miners Garden

However, the LINK price appeared to be more poised to regain the lost positions and rallied accordingly. At the time of writing the Chainlink price is $23.92 with a jump of 21.84 percent since the past working day.

Currently, the Link marines are rejoicing the Link price rally and expect the rally would initially hit $30 very soon. However, the price is expected to rally further to hit $100 or even more very soon.

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Is the Grayscale LINK Trust Buzz Behind the Surge?

A popular hedge fund, Grayscale which is known for intensified Bitcoin acquisitions appears to have extended their trust to other assets as well. According to some reports, Grayscale is eyeing to incorporate 6 more assets within their trust and Chainlink is one of them.

Many analysts believe the current surge may be due to the probable Grayscale LINK trust rounds in the crypto space. However, some sill believes many more reasons are also behind the surge. Interestingly, an analyst Kevin Svenson believes Grayscale is already late and if it understands the future of finance then they will start buying very soon

Collectively, the Chainlink price rally was remarkable by forming new ATH in a very stipulated time frame. Nevertheless, LINK price is expected to hit $100 once LINK staking goes live as per analysts Wolf of Crypto. 

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