Chimeras Play-to-Earn Metaverse Project Successfully Raised Over $2M In Its Latest Fundraising Round

Chimeras is thrilled to announce that they have successfully completed their funding round that raised over $2 million.

Chimeras’ funding round saw the participation of leading blockchain investors, which included AU 21, Poolz Master Ventures, Panda Capital, BullPerks, X21, OIG Invest, LVT Capital, Otis Capital, Shima Capital, and Lotus Capital.

As per the announcement, the newly acquired funding will be used for product development and marketing campaigns. The funds will also help the project launch its native token CHIM.

In addition to this funding round, Chimeras plans to hold four Initial DEX Offerings  (IDOs) in the next few days. The first IDO will take place on the Poolz platform on October 26. Two days later, on October 28, the project will hold its second and third IDOs on Ignition and BullPerks platforms. Notably, Chimeras is still negotiation on the fourth IDO. The details of the platform are yet to be disclosed. However, the IDO is scheduled for October 28 on the Secret platform. 

In total, Chimeras has a maximum supply of $75 million CHIM tokens. The initial token supply has been allocated between the team, advisers, blockchain focus funds, and users participating in the game activities. The CHIM token, when fully launched, will be used as an in-game utility 

Chimeras is an exciting play-to-earn mobile game with integrated DeFi farming and NFTs. The Chimeras project is an entertainment Metaverse created to solve issues within the crypto industry associated with the use and incorporation of NFT and yield farming mechanisms for the benefit of its player. The project introduces a vast open-world to monetize on, a mind-boggling variety of cuddly pets, a new territory unlocked through NFTs, and so much more. In addition, the project also seeks to provide a full-fledged marketplace of NFTs and an advanced DeFi-based lending and borrowing mechanism.   

The project has a rich story that has lured many players and landowners today. Chimeras are populated with different characters, including farmers, merchants, alchemist landowners, socials, and creatures. Note, all Creatures in Chimeras are presented in the form of NFTs. This makes them collectible items that can be used sold in the Chimeras NFT marketplace and for in-game combat. The NFT can also be used to reward players. 

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