CoinGeek Weekly Livestream: Ryan X. Charles and Casey Hamilton introduces their newest venture HeartMail

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Ryan X. Charles, a long-time mainstay in the big blocker community. After selling his company MoneyButton to Fabriik in 2020, Ryan makes a comeback with a collab project with BeTheBroadcast’s Casey Hamilton.

On this episode of CoinGeek Weekly Livestream with Kurt Wuckert Jr., Casey and Ryan are happy to announce their latest venture called Combining Casey’s digital marketing experience and Ryan’s technical background, the two are working to build a social media platform on the BSV blockchain that will allow users to own their content whilst cutting out the middlemen—a stark contrast to today’s traditional social media setting. 

As Casey pointed out, the new initiative goes hand in hand with her work at BeTheBroadcast, a platform that seeks to monetize influencers and marketers on the blockchain. She believes that will liberate humanity. 

“I can organize for people a process to take them through where they could peacefully resist technocracy in the space and come over to the new internet that’s being built on chain,” Casey noted.

For someone banned on Facebook, Casey sees value in communicating to an audience in an uninhibited way. And so, she hopes to include features within the platform that will allow users to own, share or live broadcast their video content freely. 

For Ryan’s part, working on a blockchain-based social media platform gives developers like him a chance to “fix social media.” 

“Every single one of them [social media platform] is corrupt, it’s this hyper-centralized Silicon Valley ad funded business model,” he said. 

This does not mean is anti-advertising, Ryan clarified. “Ads will still exist, but you’re going to be getting revenue for this,” he revealed. He explained that users will have complete control over privacy, which also means there will be no algorithms. The idea is to have a market-based system where advertisers pay people to view their ads. 

About 40 technical engineers have signed up to work on the project with an additional forty others contributing in various ways. For one, The Women of BSV will handle educating its users, Casey said. Its co-founder, Diddy Weldon, has officially signed up to be part of the project. There will be further announcements of names of individuals involved in the project. 

The new platform launching in April 2022 will include an email service and a video service, to which users will be able to monetize from their content using blockchain. Ryan did not elaborate on the platform’s other features, but he encouraged people to reach out to him or Casey for inquiries. 

To learn more about, you can visit their website:

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