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In a recent discussion, Congressman Tom Emmer criticized the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) approach to regulating the cryptocurrency industry under Chair Gary Gensler’s leadership. He highlighted the case of Binance, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, for its failure to adhere to know-your-customer rules, leading to a substantial fine and the resignation of its CEO.

During his interview with Thinking Crypto, Emmer stressed the necessity of regulatory oversight to prevent bad actors in the crypto space. However, he expressed concerns about the SEC’s enforcement practices, particularly in the cases of FTX and Celsius. Emmer accused Gensler of allowing certain bad actors to thrive while targeting legitimate companies.

Questioning the SEC’s Strategy and Transparency

Emmer discussed his proposed amendment to the Financial Services and General Government Appropriations Bill, aiming to limit the SEC’s use of taxpayer funds for crypto enforcement. He argued that Gensler’s regulatory approach was unclear and lacked specific guidelines, causing confusion and stifling innovation. Emmer cited instances where the SEC took action against crypto companies without established rules or regulations, underlining the need for Congress to pass clear legislation for regulatory authority in the crypto industry.

The congressman criticized Gensler for allegedly prioritizing informal agreements over proper regulatory oversight, mentioning FTX’s initial advantage before its legal troubles. He warned that unclear regulations could drive the digital asset industry offshore, emphasizing the need to protect innovation and ensure the industry’s growth in the United States.

Highlighting Court Rulings Favoring Crypto Industry

The discussion concluded with Emmer acknowledging recent court rulings favoring the crypto industry, such as Ripple and Grayscale cases. He described these victories as evidence of the SEC’s lack of clear regulatory guidance and intellectual inconsistency under Gensler’s leadership.

Emmer stated, “These wins are wins for the industry. And they highlight that the rules of the road are unclear for the industry, despite Gary Gensler’s best efforts to pretend like they are. I guess the bottom line on that one is the SEC is an incompetent cop on the beat, which I’ve said over and over, and the crypto community’s refusal to lay down and die is proving Gensler’s incompetence in the courts. And that’s a good thing.”
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