Cosmos (ATOM) and HUH Token Experience Price an Increase Of Over 30% Since New Year

Cosmos and HUH Token have defied many of the fears that cryptocurrency traders have been experiencing over the last month. After Bitcoin faced a significant price dip, almost every altcoin in existence followed its trend. However, as Cosmos and HUH Token have demonstrated, crypto trading will not disappear and become a passing trend.

The cryptocurrency market is providing a large amount of value to the world. In addition, investors across the globe are generating wealth that they had otherwise thought impossible. Cosmos and HUH Token could be the next opportunities for those looking to grow their wealth in 2022.

Cosmos, otherwise known as ATOM, has recently experienced a large increase in its market value and trading volume recently. This can be attributed in some regard to the recent decentralised exchange launched on the Cosmos network. This exchange is called Osmosis. Osmosis reached a trading volume of $1 billion and its success on the Cosmos network has caused the native currency, ATOM, to increase as well.

ATOM is primarily used for staking and governance. Staking ATOM allows users to become validators that will receive rewards for correctly fulfilling their role or losing some of their ATOM if they fail. Cosmos currently has a trading volume of over $2 billion, an increase of 80% over 24 hours and a price of $40.32. This is 31% higher than the $30.69 price mark moments before the new year.

HUH Token is the more recent of the two cryptos, as its release date was on the 6th of December 2021. HUH Token is a wealth-generating token that is a part of a bigger project that the HUH team are developing. The more comprehensive project is a social platform that will reward influencers and users depending on their interaction on the social platform. This is an interesting project as social media is popular worldwide and not many, if any, crypto projects have been exploring this area.

HUH Token saw an incredible 4500% increase in price soon after its launch. The token experienced a dip afterwards and since the new year, has shown signs that its growth could continue again. Since the beginning of the year, HUH Token has seen an increase of over 30%. The token also has over 15,000 wallet holders. Due to their referral system, it is beneficial for those holding HUH Token to recommend it to others. Holders will receive 10% from a referred person’s first purchase of HUH Token as BNB. This provides another crypto asset and diversifies a holder’s portfolio.

Being the newcomer, HUH Token is still being discovered by many and are continuing to announce new information as they progress. For example, HUH Token have stated that they will be conducting an AMA (Ask Me Anything) in February. This will give their community and others wanting to join a chance to ask any questions they may have concerning the project’s future.

The crypto market experienced one of the most extensive setbacks to date. Cosmos and HUH Token are one of many signs that the crypto ecosystem could be healing and that projects are still thriving even in difficult times. Considering the token’s performance while the market is struggling, one can only imagine the possible profits Cosmos or HUH Token could bring investors. Considering that HUH Token is new, this could be a chance to join a project before it becomes vastly popular.

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