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  • Bitcoin hit new all-time highs in October, with the total crypto market cap crossing $2.6 trillion for the first time.

  • Several major crypto events and announcements are scheduled for November.

  • A total supply unlock of $171 million for APT is scheduled for November 12th, which could introduce volatility to the market.

October witnessed another remarkable surge in the world of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin (BTC), the poster child of the crypto realm, soared past its previous all-time highs. The collective value of the crypto market also broke new ground, crossing the $2.6 trillion threshold for the very first time.

November, too, promises to be a jam-packed month. Here’s whats in store.

WLD Open AI Conference

The week kicked off with a bang as tech enthusiasts and AI aficionados converged at the WLD Open AI conference. This platform served as a hub for cutting-edge discussions on the latest developments in artificial intelligence.

Mark your calendars for November 6th! On this day, SEI Token is poised to unveil its groundbreaking technology during a much-anticipated demo day. This event promises to draw the attention of the crypto community, eager to explore its innovations.

NEAR Conference Unveils the Future

November 7th promises to be an eventful day with the NEAR conference taking center stage. Attendees will gain invaluable insights into the NEAR Protocol and its forthcoming developments. Meanwhile, High-Frequency Trading (HFT) is experiencing a substantial ~46% total supply unlock, equivalent to a staggering $42.7 million. This development could significantly impact market dynamics.

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Furthermore, brace yourselves for a momentous announcement from “The Graph (GRT)” that is bound to captivate the crypto community’s attention.

Ripple’s XRP Swell Conference and Binance Blockchain Week

November 8th boasts a double whammy with Ripple’s XRP Swell conference set to explore discussions about the Ripple network and XRP’s pivotal role. Simultaneously, Binance hosts its Blockchain Week, promising to introduce a slew of innovations and projects to the crypto landscape.

On the same day, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell is scheduled to deliver a speech at 14:15 GMT, an event with potential implications for the broader financial market.

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XRP Lawsuit Briefing

November 9th holds profound significance for the crypto community as they anxiously await the XRP lawsuit briefing. This legal battle has been closely watched, and any developments will have ripple effects throughout the industry.

Prepare for Volatility

Fast forward to November 12th, where a 2.48% total supply unlock for APT is scheduled, amounting to a substantial $171 million. This event may introduce an element of volatility to the market, keeping traders on their toes.

In summary, this week offers a plethora of intriguing events and announcements with the potential to shake up the altcoin market. Investors and traders are keeping a keen eye on these developments.

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