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Renowned crypto strategist and analyst, Rager, unfolds a trajectory for Bitcoin (BTC) aiming at an impressive $83,000 in the long run. However, the journey involves some noteworthy milestones, including a potential rally of close to $50,000 by the next month.

Crypto Analyst Predicts BTC $83,000

In a recent tweet, Rager foresees a substantial correction following this surge, with Bitcoin retracing to the $30,000 level, especially in light of the approaching 2024 halving scheduled for April. The halving, set to cut miners’ rewards in half, is expected to introduce a brief downturn in BTC’s value.

According to Rager’s roadmap, the cryptocurrency will resume its upward trajectory post-halving, eventually reaching a new all-time high of $83,000 by 2025. The forecast envisions BTC hitting $48,000 by mid-January, followed by a correction to the mid/low $30,000 range. 

However, the rally is anticipated after the halving, with a peak-high price expected in early/mid-2025. The bull market is projected to conclude by Q3 2025.

At the time of the latest analysis, BTC is trading at $41,433, showcasing an impressive 11% gain over the past week.

Ethereum to Hit $2500

According to Rager, Ethereum (ETH) has gradually gained strength over time as a leading smart contract platform. Despite a weekend pump, Rager points towards a potential ascent towards $2,500 as a notable short-term target.

While outlining these projections, Rager acknowledges the unpredictability of weekend pumps but remains optimistic about Ethereum’s upward movement. 

The crypto market, as mapped out by this seasoned strategist, presents a dynamic landscape with key milestones for both Bitcoin and Ethereum in the coming months.

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