DotWallet for Developers adds fiat payment

From DotWallet ordinary payment to DotWallet automatic payment, and now fiat payment, highlighting that the payment ecosystem of DotWallet For Developers has evolved to offer a more complete service to its users.

For developers, BSV has the advantages of huge scalability, very low transaction fees, and instant payment. However, problems such as price fluctuations and troublesome cashing out procedures have hampered BSV’s development. How to quickly break out of this circle? How to give full play to the greater value of BSV? And, how to provide convenience for developers from both inside and outside the crypto community? The answer lies in fiat payments.

Fiat payment: simple and smooth

DotWallet fiat payment is very friendly to both developers and DotWallet users. This model, seen below, conforms to the payment, and fund collection habits of both parties, bringing greater ease to the promotion and income generation of the application.

Simultaneously, because of the blockchain technology, the transaction information is stored on chain, transparent and immutable.

One-click access: low developing cost

DotWallet For Developers platform is committed to providing developers with a full-featured development toolchain. Powered by the platform’s mature technical solutions, developers can enjoy convenient access through standardized solutions.

Even without the knowledge of blockchain, traditional developers can enjoy easy access to the interfaces of DotWallet For Developers platform and one to one support services. The addition of fiat payments will serve to continuously reduce development costs and provide new channels to generate incomes for traditional developers.

DotWallet ordinary payments also enable application developers to easily utilize BSV payment. DotWallet’s automatic payment solution solves the problem of the upper limit of chained transactions, which greatly helps both parties needing small-sum/high-frequency payments. DotWallet is now cleared to attract developers from outside the BSV community. Apart from lowering barriers to entry for traditional developers, it also enriches BSV application services.

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