Eric Wall Exposes Increased Assaults on Sweden's Crypto Community

Eric Wall, a notable cryptocurrency analyst, has brought to light a series of violent incidents targeting Swedish crypto owners, as shared in his recent social media posts. Wall’s detailed account on platform X, formerly known as Twitter, on 8 November, paints a grim picture of the current state of personal security for crypto enthusiasts in Sweden.

Eric Wall is a pivotal figure in the cryptocurrency arena, holding a position on the board of the StarkNet Foundation, an organization dedicated to fostering an open, decentralized, and censorship-resistant Ethereum Layer 2 zk-rollup solution. He previously co-founded and led Arcane Assets as its CIO, driving the fund to a remarkable 640% net return, outperforming Bitcoin and other crypto funds. His comprehensive role spanned across various facets, including fundraising, strategy, and client relations.

Wall also shared his expertise with Vinter Capital as an advisor and served as an expert witness in a Norwegian crypto-related lawsuit. Additionally, he advised the Human Rights Foundation on crypto and privacy matters. His academic credentials include a Master’s in Engineering with a blockchain specialization from Lund University, underlining his deep-rooted knowledge in the field.

Wall reports a recent attack on a middle-aged couple in their home by four masked men, an event that culminated in severe physical abuse and the theft of Bitcoin. The victims were left bound for hours, with one requiring hospitalization via helicopter. Wall emphasizes that this is not an isolated incident; similar attacks have been occurring with alarming frequency. Last month, two prominent crypto personalities were assaulted in their homes, with one enduring three hours of abuse despite not owning physical Bitcoin.

The first of such attacks, as Wall recounts, happened last year to a well-known Swedish Bitcoiner. After surrendering a significant amount of cryptocurrency, the victim was still subjected to prolonged physical abuse. The trauma from this event led to a withdrawal from public life.

Wall identifies a common thread among the victims: their recent participation in Bitcoin-related podcasts or public discussions on cryptocurrency. He attributes this vulnerability to Sweden’s “Offentlighetsprincipen,” the Principle of Public Access to Information, which allows for easy access to personal data such as residential addresses and tax records. While this law was established to promote government transparency and combat corruption, Wall argues that it has become a tool for criminals to target individuals for their digital assets.

Sweden’s Offentlighetsprincipen is a cornerstone of the country’s open society, dating back to the Freedom of the Press Act of 1766. It enshrines the right of public access to official documents and is intended to foster transparency and prevent corruption. However, in the digital age, this principle has inadvertently made personal information readily available, which can lead to privacy concerns. The law’s noble intent is now being questioned in the context of these security breaches, as the ease of obtaining personal information has proven to be a double-edged sword.

As a result of these security concerns, Wall has decided to leave Sweden, stating that he does not plan to return until there is a change in the legislation surrounding personal privacy. The impact of these events has been significant within the local crypto community, leading to the shutdown of several Swedish crypto-focused podcasts.

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