Eurex Expands Partnership with Korea Exchange

Eurex, an international derivatives exchange and a member of the Deutsche Börse Group, announced today that it has expanded its long-standing partnership with Korea Exchange through the introduction of new futures.

According to the official announcement, the Korean benchmark index (KOSPI 200) futures will be listed on the Eurex/KRX Link. Eurex will list futures on the KOSPI 200 on 22 March. Eurex is the only exchange offering international investors access to the Korean market outside the regular Korean trading hours.

Eurex listed overnight KOSPI 200 Options in 2010 and Mini-KOSPI 200 Futures in 2016. Eurex recently reported financial numbers for 2020 and the exchange saw a jump in OTC Clearing. Eurex reported a dip in European equity derivatives contracts in 2020.

Commenting on the latest announcement, Michael Peters, CEO of Eurex, said: “With the new KOSPI 200 Futures, we will offer unique trading and hedging efficiencies to our clients. Market participants will benefit from operational but most importantly from margin efficiencies. Adding KOSPI 200 Futures to our link is, therefore, the logical next step in our successful partnership.”

Growing Korean Market

Eurex highlighted the significant growth of KOSPI 200 in recent years and mentioned that the KOSPI 200 Options are among the four most heavily exchange-traded index contracts globally. The exchange added that an opportunity to trade KOSPI 200 Options and KOSPI 200 Futures on a single platform will facilitate traders around the world. “This product line-up will allow market participants to access the Korean market almost around the clock. We believe the new offering will make the Korean derivatives market more attractive and further strengthen the decade-long partnership between KRX and Eurex,” Sohn Byungdoo, Chairman and CEO of KRX said.

“KOSPI 200 Futures are daily expiring contracts resulting in a corresponding position at KRX prior to the KRX market opening. In addition, both partners are currently working on launching a corresponding FX product on the link,” the exchange mentioned in the official announcement.

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