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XRP holders are urged to mark a significant date in their calendars as Evernode, a Layer-2 smart contract platform on the XRP Ledger (XRPL), prepares for a highly anticipated airdrop of its native asset, Evers.

Evernode Sets Stage for Evers Airdrop

Evernode conducted a snapshot of eligible XRP holders on September 1, capturing approximately 5.16 million Evers tokens intended for distribution upon the project’s launch. Evers will be airdropped into the Xahau account based on the XRP held in the corresponding XRPL account as of the snapshot date. 

Eventually, Xahau went live in early November, positioning Evernode as the first native project to launch on the XRP Ledger sidechain. 

Meanwhile, Evernode had previously clarified that the existence of its native token, Evers, was dependent on the successful launch of Xahau. Now that Xahau is operational, Evernode has announced the next crucial step in the process: the initiation of the Evers airdrop.

Official Date of Airdrop

In an official blog post, Evernode outlined its plan to commence the formal preparations for the Evers airdrop on November 27. It further communicated a revised launch date of December 18, deviating from the initially expected date of November 27. 

Additionally, Evernode pledged to provide a tool for secure registration for the airdrop, facilitating the calculation of the Evers/XRP ratio to be airdropped.

How to Issue Evers Token 

Evernode, the XRP Ledger Layer-2 platform, discloses the creation of the Xahau address for issuing Evers. While vanity addresses are easily identifiable, XRP holders are cautioned to verify the correct r-address before attempting to set any trust lines and to avoid trusting anyone sharing a different address.

Evernode reveals an unexpected delay in the XUMM wallet’s support for cloning XRPL accounts on Xahau. Despite this delay, the project tentatively scheduled the official token launch for December 18.

To prevent falling prey to scammers, Evernode urges XRP holders to await its update on November 27 before taking any action. This strategic move aims to safeguard users from potential fraudulent activities during this critical phase.

Expanding XRPL Ecosystem

Evernode’s imminent launch and token release align with the XRPL ecosystem’s growth, boasting over 1500 projects. The introduction of a new layer-2 network and sidechain broadens possibilities for developers and sets the stage for more efficient dApps, potentially attracting a larger user base to XRPL.

As the XRPL ecosystem continues to evolve, Evernode’s developments stand out as a significant contribution, paving the way for a dynamic and robust blockchain landscape. 

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