Initial DEX Offering Launchpad Announced By Plasma.Finance

Plasma.Finance has released the details of its Initial DEX Offering (IDO) launchpad for emerging crypto projects.

Plasma.Finance is a dashboard, and portfolio management service to help cryptocurrency users understand the rapidly growing decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem. The dashboard gives users access to the most popular protocols in DeFi by putting everything together on one interface.

Called SpacePort, the company’s IDO launchpad is fully decentralized with no central points of control. It empowers startups to conduct a truly decentralized IDO, with a range of customizable parameters to meet their requirements. Liquidity locks, token vesting, sale price, and funding type can all be adjusted, while IDO participants have full transparency into the mechanisms in place for their protection. Community members who stake a minimum of 20,000 PPAY tokens will be given the opportunity to secure an allocation.

According to the company, projects wishing to apply for listing on SpacePort have three options at their disposal: open IDO platform, incubation program, or IDO with Plasma.Finance support.

“SpacePort Incubation program and the option of launching an IDO with Plasma’s full support has been designed to host outstanding projects that will add genuine value to the DeFi space, with PlasmaFinance carefully scrutinizing each application,” said Plasma.Finance. “Only projects that have significant utility, a reputable team, sound tokenomic model, and fair distribution will be greenlit for SpacePort’s advanced options.”

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