Josh Petty talks NFTs on Bitstocks podcast

Bitcoin now has non-fungible tokens (NFTs). On February 24, Twetch launched what are arguably the most popular NFTs offered on the Bitcoin blockchain to date—the Twetch hats.

A Twetch hat is a unique item that lives both in the real world and on the blockchain. Only 101 exist, and each hat is branded with its respective number that makes it non-fungible. The Twetch hats sold out fast, but if you were lucky enough to get a Twetch hat, then you received a trading card in your Twetch account that represents your Twetch hat and you also got your hat physically delivered; both the physical and digital items are NFTs.

Across the broader blockchain and digital currency ecosystem, NFTs have been a hot topic. Fortunately, Bitcoin has somewhat of a collectibles and NFT expert on its side: Twetch CEO and co-founder Josh Petty.

On episode 36 of the Bitstocks podcast, “WTF is an NFT?” Bitstocks founder and CEO Michael Hudson sits down with Petty to discuss several topics, ranging from collectibles, trading cards, NFTs, proof-of-work, politics, philosophy, and of course, the coming soon™ meme.

“The theme of what’s going on in 2021 is can we get our ideas to life. Enough with the talking about it, it’s not coming soon! We make jokes about coming soon,” Petty said.

“Everyone says it’s going to come soon, it’s going to be ready, 6 weeks, 2 weeks, 24 hours and it never comes; we are sick of it! We are going to deliver. That’s all we’re focused on, it’s delivering. We are going to deliver quality experiences, we are going to change the game, everything we do from this point forward is going to be quantum leaps.”

Twetch is one of the Bitcoin businesses at the forefront of innovation. Not only does the team at Twetch understand blockchain, but they understand business—and maybe even more importantly, they understand the memes that fuel society. The expertise of the Twetch team allowed Twetch to quickly become one of the most popular, most used consumer-facing Bitcoin apps and has helped them get products and services that are in high demand into the hands of their users. As Petty stated above, this is just the beginning.

To find out what Twetch has in store for the future, and to learn more about the emerging NFT market, you can find more information in Bitstocks podcast episode 36, “WTF is an NFT?!”

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