Justin Sun: Sun Network Will Scale Tron Capacity Significantly

Justin Sun, the Tron Network founder, took to Twitter this Saturday and hyped up the upcoming Sun Network.

$SUN Network, also known as DApp Chain, is an official side chain project of #TRON and will soon integrate $SUN Token as the Core token of the #SUN Network. #SUN network will scale #TRON capacity significantly.

What Is A Sidechain?

Sun Network, or the DApp Chain, is Tron’s sidechain project. A sidechain is a parallel chain that runs alongside the main blockchain and is connected to it via a 2-way peg. The most famous sidechain in the crypto world is the controversial SegWit (segregated witness) sidechain on the main Bitcoin blockchain.

The Sun Network will allow developers to operate on Tron with low energy consumption, faster speed and enhanced safety. If executed properly, the Sun Network will boost capacity on the Tron Network by a massive amount.

What Are The Features Of The Sun Network?

The Sun Network has four features that you should know:

  • Tron compatibility: As the main chain, the Sun Network sidechains use the delegated proof-of-stake (DPoS) consensus algorithm. It supports smart contracts and almost all the functionalities of the main blockchain. This will allow developers to migrate from the sidechain to the main chain easily.
  • Bespoke chain: The Sun Network will provide its users a network of multiple sidechains that’s highly flexible and well-configured. This is one of its characteristics that makes it different from the other sidechains.
  • Minimal resource cost: For the same transaction, the cost of resources consumed on the sidechain is a fraction of how much it would cost the main chain. This is huge news for developers whose dApps may tend to be very resource-hungry. This functionality may help them reduce their energy consumption.
  • Good security: The combination of an oracle relay-chain and DPoS on a single sidechain can ensure the security of on-chain/cross-chain transactions for users.

The official website allows developers to watch two demos:

  • One on how to build a dapp on the Sun Network.
  • One on how to interact with the sidechain with js-sdk and java-sdk.

Soulja Boy Gives Tron Some Love

Rapper Soulja Boy in a tweet called Tron a “Fast Blockchain.” Justin Sun, replied to the tweet by saying:

“$TRX=fast blockchain with 0 cost Smiling face with open mouth and tightly-closed eyes”

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