Litecoin Decadal Celebration Turns Out Special! Ethereum Lacks Behind LTC!

Bitcoin’s brother Litecoin turned 10 years old on October 13th, 2021. Prior to the decadal celebration, altcoin outpaced Ethereum in terms of address activity for just the third time this year. With no NFTs and no DeFi built on Litecoin’s on-chain report threatens Ethereum in many ways. Let’s dive and discover in detail!

Litecoin Dominates Over Ethereum!

With bears entry into the market in the last two days, Ethereum price and Litecoin price drop by 1.44% and 2.43% respectively. At present, both are in search of strong support areas. Bitcoin’s brother could experience a major rebound in the near future.

Moreover, popular crypto analyst Lark Davis sharing on-chain data from Santiment, an on-chain metrics platform. Emphasized that Litecoin could carry forward this momentum in long run. Meanwhile, metrics from the platform indicated that Ethereum’s on-chain activity is under massive pressure, which seems to be because of high fees and low transaction speed. And for the third consecutive time, Litecoin flipped this popular DeFi asset by recording apparently 600k active addresses on a daily basis. 

Litecoin Price Could Skyrocket to $600 in Q4!

Litecoin’s price is currently experiencing a healthy correction from $165.7 and as a number of active addresses are reaching new highs, the altcoin could soon skyrocket. Red candles are expanding for the past two days, indicating strong sell pressure. If the buyers gear up to purchase the altcoins outpowering the sellers in the future, then it could easily surpass the crucial resistance level of $181.5. Further, the asset is expected to surge beyond $200.

Litecoin, according to one of the popular crypto enthusiasts Rich Dad is expected to surpass the previous ATH and could hit $600 by the year’s end. As the asset is on the verge of its decadal celebrations could bring on more revolutionary upgrades and also might hit new milestones in Q4.

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