Major Hint Ripple Could Soon Go The IPO Route, Raising Hopes For XRP Crossing Coveted $10 Mark

Ripple’s latest job posting has sparked speculation within the cryptoverse about the possibility of going public through an initial public offering (IPO). Notably, some of the roles and responsibilities listed in the job posting reflect the business practices of a publicly traded firm.

Ripple IPO Rumors Swirl

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse hinted back in early 2020 that an IPO was considered the “natural evolution for the company”.

Most recently, Ripple has published a job posting for a “Shareholder Communications Senior Manager” who would maintain a direct line of communication with shareholders and prospective investors. This ignited assumptions that Ripple is looking to go public and list its shares on a stock exchange.

Per the job description, the selected individual would be tasked with developing strategies tailored to major events like mergers, acquisitions, and “liquidity events”— a term commonly associated with IPOs.

The manager would also be responsible for the design of investor-centric materials such as “presentations, fact sheets, case studies, and analyses.” These materials are standard practice in the run-up to an IPO process as they inform investors about Ripple’s prospects and performance.

Moreover, the role would require overseeing a shareholder database and managing routine communications like quarterly updates, which are characteristic of public companies with outside shareholders.

How Will XRP React?

Ripple is yet to issue an official statement regarding an IPO. But, Ripple’s Garlinghouse previously revealed that the company could consider going public after the case with the SEC is concluded.

The job posting comes shortly after Ripple scored a big win against the SEC. Earlier this month, a federal judge denied the SEC’s motion to appeal the landmark ruling that Ripple’s sale of the XRP token directly to consumers did not constitute an illegally unregistered securities offering.

XRP, at the time of writing, was trading for $0.4895, according to CoinGecko data. That’s a 0.8% drop in value in seven days. The asset is also still over 85% down from its January 2018 historic high of $3.40.

Going public would boost Ripple’s popularity and possibly drive the XRP price XRP to the long-desired milestone of $10. Suffice it to say, whether a Ripple IPO would be a boom or bust for XRP is anybody’s guess.

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