McDonald’s To Jump Into Metaverse Fray With Virtual Restaurant — DOGE Payments Incoming?

You have probably already realized that the Metaverse space is becoming more popular with each passing day, ever since Facebook (now Meta) unveiled its vision last October.

Big brands, including Nike, Adidas, Visa, Gucci, Warner Music, among others, have made a beeline for the NFT-powered future internet. The latest is McDonald’s, the fast-food giant, as the recent trademark applications suggest it’s plotting a Metaverse play.

McDonald’s Preparing A Metaverse Push

Trademark attorney Josh Gerben pointed out that McDonald’s has filed roughly 10 trademark applications that signal its plan to make and sell virtual goods in the metaverse. McDonald’s is exploring providing users with downloadable media files that contain non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

According to one of those filings, the restaurant chain is weighing building a virtual restaurant with actual and virtual food and beverages as well as running a virtual restaurant that offers home delivery.

McDonald’s has also featured its McCafe brand in another trademark filing. This brand would offer several entertainment activities like virtual concerts within the metaverse.

McDonald’s And Crypto

Although the trademark filings indicate McDonald’s plans to step into the metaverse, the restaurant is no stranger to the crypto space. The company announced an NFT in October to commemorate the 40th anniversary of its legendary McRib sandwich.

Most recently, Tesla and SpaceX chief Elon Musk prompted the company to accept payments in his favorite doggy-themed crypto Dogecoin, pledging to eat a McDonald’s Happy Meal on live television. McDonald’s, however, coyly dismissed the request by asking Tesla to first accept a then-non-existent currency called Grimacecoin.

The fast-food chain also made fun of the Crypto Twitter community hours after the market crashed hard late last month amid a stock market carnage.

Crypto insiders and also strategists on Wall Street are betting big on Metaverse’s untapped financial value, with some pundits lauding its immense potential to transform both virtual and physical experiences.

It’s no wonder McDonald’s seems to be racing to get a piece of crypto’s hottest new frontier.

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