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MicroStrategy, a major Bitcoin player, didn’t just hit the jackpot with their crypto investments – they practically struck gold. Their $593 million Bitcoin purchase last month not only boosted their stocks by 8.2% but also sent ripples through the market, propelling Bitcoin’s value to a jaw-dropping $42,000.

Talk about strategic bets!

Under the guidance of CEO Michael Saylor, MicroStrategy’s crypto stash now stands at a whopping 175,000 Bitcoins, bagged at an average price of $30,252 each as per regulatory filling. Saylor’s been steering this ship since August 2020, weathering market storms and turning every dip into an opportunity to expand their crypto portfolio.

This recent surge spelled massive profits for MicroStrategy, catapulting their initial $5.28 billion investment into a whopping $7.3 billion value – that’s a cool $2 billion in profits! Even during Bitcoin’s lowest days in 2022, scraping below $16,000, Saylor stayed the course, steadily amassing more Bitcoins using a mix of debt and equity funding.

But it’s not just MicroStrategy riding this crypto wave. Coinbase got a 7.3% boost, while Bitcoin mining giants like Riot Platforms and Marathon Digital saw eye-popping gains of up to 12.0%. The ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF also joined the party, surging by 7.4% and eyeing a potential one-year high.

Crypto Reaction

John Deaton, the pro-XRP lawyer, who recently opened his portfolio and has given his bets on XRP rather than Bitcoin surprisingly praises Michael Saylor, for Bitcoin investments as the cryptocurrency surpasses $41,000. MicroStrategy’s $593.3 million Bitcoin purchase drove its stock up by 8%, holding over $6.5 billion in Bitcoin. Notably, Deaton celebrates the positive vibes in the crypto community amidst Bitcoin’s rally. He also shares investment insights, mentioning his purchase of Coinbase (COIN) shares, and praises those who held through the crypto downturns. Additionally, Bitcoin’s market cap has exceeded Berkshire Hathaway’s, reaching $800 billion. 

BTC Price

Bitcoin’s next resistance is predicted at $42,330, with low open interest signaling a possible $2,000 drop before stabilizing. Despite talk of potential declines to $30k or $35k, skepticism lingers, and some analysts believe breaching $40k could avoid significant pullbacks. Projections hint at a possible $60,000 BTC price before April 2024 halving.

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