NFT Platform StarColl Drops 800 Star Wars Collectibles on May the 4th Day

StarColl, a new NFT platform, is releasing a collection of 800 physical Star Wars limited edition collectibles as digital NFT representations.

The collectibles come from a private collection, with the platform expecting to add over 800 pieces from collectors who want to turn their possessions into NFTs.

StarColl has chosen May the 4th to release its NFTs, timing it with what is known as Star Wars day due to its punny resemblance to the iconic line from the movies.

The pieces offered for sale include various helmets, figures and life-size statues, each coming from a limited release of collectibles, some directly from the movie shooting.

For example, a Boba Fett statue over 2 meters tall is selling for almost $14,000.

Turning physical items into NFTs is always going to require a bit of imagination, however, as the NFT does not give ownership rights over the item, exactly.

According to the project, owning the NFT means that the owner’s name will appear at the traveling exhibition of StarColl next to the item, though he can also choose to stay anonymous. The owners of the NFT also have free lifetime access to the exhibition, allowing them to see their collectible.

StarColl is a project launched by QANPlatform, a quantum-resistant hybrid blockchain platform. The NFTs will exist on the QAN blockchain, which secures metadata and ownership data with cryptography that is resistant to quantum computers. Johann Polecsak, CTO of QANPlatform, believes that NFT security is currently neglected.

Nobody speaks about cybersecurity issues and pain points behind the NFT ecosystem. Source files of NFTs sold for thousands of dollars can be easily changed to memes by hackers,” he said. “StarColl NFTs will be secured by the Quantum-resistant QAN blockchain, where metadata and ownership information is stored.“

The StarColl platform allows owning “branded” NFTs, though this is not a licensed deal like with some other platforms. There is value in bridging the digital blockchain world with physical items, and the often tenuous connection between NFTs and their underlying items, be they physical or digital, hasn’t really stopped buyers.

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