Poll: Crypto Holders Could Make a Big Difference in the Midterms

Could crypto and digital currency traders hold sway over the direction in which this year’s midterm elections travel? According to a new poll, the answer is a resounding “yes.”

Poll: Crypto Is Taking Over Politics

The poll was commissioned by GMI PAC, which oversaw the opinions of roughly 1,000 participants. According to the survey, those interested in purchasing crypto or those who already hold it could make huge differences in how things go in key swing states including Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Nevada.

The poll was overseen by Bobby Kaple, a senior advisor to GMI. In an interview, he stated:

If you look at those margins, to be able to connect with the crypto voter on crypto issues could unlock just enough support to win one of these tight races.

Of all those taking part in the poll, it is estimated that roughly half of them either already own crypto or are thinking of purchasing it. It also appears that those who go for democrats and those who would go for republicans are deadlocked in the center, with neither side showing a clear advantage or margin.

This is quite confusing in many ways given it’s been democrats at the helm of the crypto bear market we’ve been seeing. The price of bitcoin, for example, has fallen by roughly 70 percent over the past year, while the crypto space has lost more than $2 trillion in overall valuation. A group of pollsters explained:

This core of 17 percent who already own cryptocurrency is an extremely competitive group of voters that both democrats and republicans have been pitching in recent elections. [That] is a sizable number in races that are likely to be determined by small margins.

It’s not surprising that so many crypto owners and potential future crypto holders would rush to take part in the upcoming elections given just how big crypto has been in the world of politics as of late. There’s talk of regulation practically stemming from the mouths of people like Janet Yellen every day, while Biden – several months ago – issued a crypto executive order that called for financial agencies throughout the United States to begin their research of crypto to study its benefits and disadvantages. The order also opened the door for a digital dollar to potentially come to fruition.

Connecting with the Right Voters

Kaple said:

You have both parties right now locked in a battle to connect with younger black and Hispanic men to sway groups of voters. Those two groups own crypto at much higher rates, so connecting with them on those crypto issues could be the key to unlocking support and winning these tight races… What we’re seeing from these numbers is that the crypto voter can reshape the American electorate and how people vote.

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