SuperWorld Partners With Props To Power Their Virtual Real Estate NFT Platform

SuperWorld, the virtual world in augmented reality that allows users to buy and sell virtual real estate anywhere on Earth as NFTs, has announced that they are integrating Props as its loyalty token.

SuperWorld is a NFT platform that allows users to stake a claim on over 64 billion virtual plots of land geographically mapped onto Planet Earth. Each plot of land in SuperWorld is a 100m x 100m polygon that corresponds to real-world space. A stretch of the High Line in Manhattan is on the market for 333 ETH ($704,767, as of 4/6/21).

Props is a platform for deploying and bootstrapping community tokens and is run by Adi Sideman, who is probably one of the more interesting people in the crypto space. Adi is an award winning documentary-filmmaker, has produced more than 30 online games for major-studio film and TV franchises, and prior to Props founded many companies: Squeeze, Oddcast, KSolo (acquired by Fox Interactive/ Myspace), TargetSpot a joint venture with CBS (acquired by Radionomy) and YouNow which has grown into a global social network.

SuperWorld is expected to be the seventh app to launch on Props, joining YouNow, PalTalk, Camfrog, Listia, Tegger and Roomi as valued members of the Props ecosystem.

“We believe that all users of SuperWorld should share in the value that is created on the platform by their activity,” said Hrish Lotlikar, Co-Founder of SuperWorld. “By integrating Props as a loyalty token, we are providing active community member benefits and a financial stake in the network they help create.”

“We are big believers in the Metaverse vision that Hrish and the SuperWorld team are building and we are happy they chose Props as their loyalty token,” said Adi Sideman, Co-Founder of the Props Public Benefit Corporation. “Props integration into an NFT world and marketplace is an exciting next step for the Props ecosystem.”

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