The Limitless Potential Of The NFT Platform PaceArt

  1. The limitless potential of PaceArt

The NFT development speed of NFT exceeds the expectation of most people, NFT is no longer limited to minority users as more and more people begin to pour into this carnival. PaceArt has witnessed the huge development prospects of blockchain NFT and metaverse in the future, as well as the rapid development of industry leaders, and also has witnessed the growth of the platform itself.

The long-term technical vision of the PaceArt platform is to lead NFTs into the metaverse: Launch ETH side chain in time in the future and expand the influence of PACE currency in the field of digital art. Incubate new NFT games and social platforms to prepare for the future metaverse. Upgrade the NFT art public chain. Provide services for various digital art platforms through cross-chain technology and incubate metaverse projects.

The market vision of PaceArt is to make use of star resources in the global entertainment circle, providing links for stars and their fans, helping stars improve their exposure and fan stickiness through NFT charity sales. Make use of star resources and first-tier artists, cooperating with global well-known brands to do joint NFT, providing users with a full range of online and offline experiences. Invite world-renowned musicians to provide users with the first release and limited edition music collection. Use NFT fragmentation protocol to stimulate the desire of users to collect and provide continuous heat and stickiness for the platform.

The project features of the PaceArt platform include Cross-chain trading: We have sufficient technical reserves to achieve cross-chain trading in the future. Getting through the barrier between the three public chains of ETH BSC SOL; NFT split holding: The current head NFT price is already very high, not all users have the ability to collect. In the future, PaceArt will increase the NFT segmentation function, dividing the high-value NFT into multiple parts, and reducing the price of each one. So that ordinary users can also enjoy the benefits of NFT appreciation; NFT pledge: Users can exchange NFT held by pledging into other tokens to provide users with more possibilities of asset appreciation.

2. New Item: Treasure Hunt Panda Club

Crossing the vast space of the world’s largest NFT market, we create innovative and awe-inspiring NFT projects. Treasure Hunt Panda Club is one of PaceArt’s projects and will be released in February 2022. Treasure panda is the unique Gamefi NFT Collectible. Total 10,000 Pandas available. Over 300 generated traits, including clothes, expressions, accessories and surprising secret traits! The first auction is coming! The NFT work to be auctioned on February 24th is Panda Elder.

Panda Elder is the most original elder figure in the panda world, and it is also the most classic core role. He created the treasure map that runs through the world line of Treasure Panda, he guided the protagonists of the 2021 generation to embark on the treasure hunt, and he opened up the origin of all stories. Without the Panda Elder, there would be no treasure map and a series of follow-up treasure hunt pandas. It can be said that the Panda Elder is the most representative character, maintaining a certain sense of mystery initially, with the deepening of the plot, playing a key role as a hidden role throughout the story, controlling the fate of Panda Kingdom. Let’s activate the secret treasure map and unlock the best route to the future world together!

3. More benefits of PaceArt!

NFT makes people see unlimited possibilities, there is no doubt that the NFT world is full of vitality and great potential, and more and more NFT projects have been eager to try to accelerate the mainstreaming and breaking of NFT. With the continuous improvement of the public chain infrastructure of the exchange, PaceArt has many new ideas and new projects related to NFT that will accelerate the implementation. The PaceArt platform will launch fantastic activities such as raffle whitelist and NFT airdrop in the near future. For details, you can enter the PaceArt community to follow the latest developments.

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