Top 3 Metaverse Crypto Coins With a Market Cap Below $2 Million to Watch in 2022

Low market cap Metaverse crypto coins are some of the most popular options for investors when it comes to underrated projects that could see significant price gains. This article looks at the top three Metaverse crypto coins with a market cap below $2 million to watch in February 2022, ordered by market cap, lowest to highest.

Avaxtars Token (AVXT) – $1.3 million

Launched in October 2021, Avaxtars is a leading Metaverse crypto coin on the Avalanche blockchain. The native token to the platform is called AVXT and is used as in-game currency for many play-to-earn aspects within the game.

Avaxtars are NFTs that users can use to mine AVXT tokens. The gameplay involves users purchasing an NFT Avaxtar and sending them to missions. When an Avaxtar completes a task, users have a chance of receiving various tokens as a reward.

Avaxtars features three tokens in its ecosystem, including AVXT, DGC, and ENXT.

AVXT tokens are the native utility asset for in-game transactions. DGC tokens are received as rewards generated by the Personal Avaxtar Generation Machine (PAGM), which players can purchase with AVXT tokens. Last but not least, ENXT tokens are liquidity assets that can be earned by providing liquidity to any AVXT pool.

Avaxtars is fully functional, and players can check out the game by connecting via a browser-compatible wallet like MetaMask. It’s one of the most underrated projects on the Avalanche network, and if you’re looking to get your foot in the door with NFTs and Metaverse gaming, we highly recommend checking out this project.

You can buy AVXT on TraderJoe, Pangolin, and more.

ETNA Network (ETNA) – $1.4 million

Launched in March 2021, ETNA Network is a Metaverse blockchain that connects NFT and GameFi applications within a single ecosystem.

ETNA Network includes their governance token ETNA, living on the Binance Smart Chain using the BEP-20 standard.

ETNA Network is like a crypto galaxy. It aims to be a one-stop ecosystem for interconnected crypto products and technologies. It’s a multi-utility ecosystem with products cutting across NFT, gaming, DeFi, and everything in between.

The project currently features their play-to-earn game that users can download on PC and check out. To start playing, users must purchase an NFT. There are dozens of NFTs available on the ETNA NFT Marketplace, costing roughly $150-$160 at the time of writing.

ETNA is a highly underrated project due to its active ecosystem and multiple Minimum Viable Products in the form of an NFT Marketplace and a play-to-earn Metaverse game. ETNA is highly undervalued with a market cap of $1.4 million and could easily see significant price gains in the near future.

You can purchase ETNA on PancakeSwap, MEXC, and more.

Rune Shards (RXS) – $1.9 million

Launched in November 2021, Rune Shards is a Diablo 2 inspired play-to-earn ARPG game built on the Binance Smart Chain. It features multiple game modes enabling users to earn rewards.

The native token to the platform is called RXS and is used for various in-game activities. Rune Shards also features the Rune Evolution game, a 2D play-to-earn arcade game available on Android, iPhone, and Web browsers.

Check out this gameplay preview for Rune Evolution:

Rune shards are also developing more games to add to its ecosystem of play-to-earn titles. In particular, Rune Shards are working on Rune Sanctuary, a 3D MMORPG world enabling users to buy land, guild tokens, NPCs, and much more.

Rune Shards is a highly underrated project due to its relatively low market cap and its Minimum Viable Products, which are available for users to check out currently.

You can only purchase RXS on PancakeSwap.

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any Metaverse crypto coins.

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