TrueReviews is now Britevue

Bitcoin-powered online review platform TrueReviews has a lot in store for 2021. The platform—now rebranded as Britevue—is paving a way to get Bitcoin into the hands of newcomers, and is designed in a way that will have its users generating revenue from day one.

Recently, we had the chance to talk with Britevue founder and CEO Connor Murray to learn more about the rebrand, when Britevue will launch, and why users will be generating revenue from day one on the platform.

We also discussed Murray’s recent article, “How to create artificial life inside Bitcoin,” what inspired him to write it, and what it means for Bitcoin to be Turing complete.

Why did you decide to rebrand TrueReviews and what inspired the new name, Britevue?

TrueReviews was a name we came up with in a lack-of-sleep daze when trying to name our BSV Hackathon project, so it was never meant to be permanent.

As we were brainstorming, we wanted to convey to users that this is a smarter review platform. We will attract the best review content because brighter individuals are realizing that legacy companies take your data and give you nothing in return. Economics and competition create a better market for content, so we are going to have better content than our competitors.

Having a commercial domain was also important because we are trying to be a review platform first and a Bitcoin company second. We want users to earn money without understanding Bitcoin and having a commercial domain makes us more approachable to the average user.

Has Britevue officially launched?

Britevue will be launching in early 2021. The way the site works involves creating a transaction for every user action, so we are doing a lot of testing to ensure we can handle the scale required for the number of users we are looking to onboard.

What can we expect to see on the Britevue platform?

We are going to be giving out Bitcoin to new users in exchange for data. Users that know nothing about Bitcoin will be able to sign up, answer some questions about their hometown, and immediately have money they can use on the site. By getting locals to give us data about different geographical regions, we hope to be the platform everyone uses to find the best places to eat or visit when they are in your town.

In the early stages of online review platforms, users were trying to make a living by being power-reviewers. With Bitcoin, we can actually make that possible. I want to see people making a living by providing quality information to their peers.

What inspired you to write the article about Bitcoin being Turing complete?

Xiaohui has been taking the time to write a ton of articles about different sCrypt contracts and how they can be used to create complex applications in Bitcoin. When I first watched Dr. Wright’s speech in 2017 where he first discussed that a Turing-complete cellular automaton was running inside of Bitcoin, it fascinated me and I began reading a ton about cellular automata.

When Xiaohui released the sCrypt contract to put Conway’s Game of Life on Bitcoin, I wanted to actually do it and prove practically that Bitcoin was Turing-complete. While people are constantly arguing about the theory, it seemed like it was easier to just put it on the blockchain and let people see it was possible.

When I was reading that article it felt like it is leading up to something bigger, or implying the existence of platforms, services, and ideas that don’t exist on Bitcoin yet. Because Bitcoin is Turing complete, what does that pave the way for?

It paves the way for extremely complex computation. If you can compute anything with Bitcoin, then that means we have the global computer that Ethereum is trying to be. Bitcoin Script is such an unfamiliar language to many that it is going to take people getting their hands dirty with Script to understand how complex you get. Luckily for us, sCrypt has made it easier to write contracts in more familiar languages that compile down to Bitcoin Script. I think there will be applications built that exceed my imagination right now, that is how powerful of a system we are dealing with.

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