What is B-cube?

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B-cube is the ultimate AI-driven all-in-one platform for crypto traders. B-cube’s marketplace of AI-driven crypto trading bots allows traders to connect to their favorite exchanges and start trading on autopilot.

The B-cube platform has all the necessary tools and information you need to trade and increase the likelihood of profiting, whilst minimizing your risks at the same time. The aim is for this platform to become a global community, marketplace, and educational center for cryptocurrency users – from the most experienced traders to people who are just entering the ecosystem.

The company’s mission is to provide retail traders with an institutional-grade platform based on AI and blockchain technologies, making it possible for many more people to leverage the potential of this new asset class.

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Understanding the B-cube platform

B-cube was born out of a research and development project created in partnership with the Paris-Saclay University, which was ranked number one university in Mathematics last year per the Shanghai Ranking.

The platform, as mentioned above, is a marketplace of cryptocurrency trading bots driven by artificial intelligence, sentiment analysis, and mathematical models. It’s non-custodial, as the bots trade on existing clients’ accounts on supported cryptocurrency exchanges.

These supported exchanges currently include Binance spot and futures, FTX Futures, and BitMEX. It was developed by a team with a strong background in machine learning, quantitative finance, and crypto knowledge.

There are 16 bots live on the platform at the time of writing, and the website lists every single past trade they make. This is where users can take advantage of gaining access to the trading bots without incurring any fees through the recently launched BCUBE Bots Staking Program. The structure of the program is simple – the more tokens are staked, the more bots can be accessed for free. The first bot can be unlocked when users stake as low as 3500 tokens.

In the future, the platform will let users create new trading bots without needing to have programming or quantitative skills through an easy-to-use visual interface. Whether the bots are profitable or not will depend on how they are built.

A marketplace is being developed so developers can post their algorithms on the platform. Moreover, a decentralized exchange trading bot with no subscription fees will be created to share its profits with users through a profit-sharing smart contract. That smart contract will be audited, and clients will only have to pay when the bot does make a profit.

Another feature that will be added is called DeFi Stake & Trade and will allow users to stake their assets to earn interest on cryptoassets or trade using bots when there are available opportunities. Educational courses will be offered to those who want to trade without any assistance.

The $BCUBE Token

The $BCUBE token is an Ethereum-based token using the ERC-20 token standard. A total supply of 50 million tokens will be created, which is the absolute maximum as there is no minting functionality. The token can be staked on smart contracts to grant access to  BCUBE trading bots for free, with other staking incentives including allocations in promising initial decentralized offerings (IDOs), educational webinars, courses, and more.

Token holders can earn more through an additional staking option which allows high APR through staking BCUBE tokens on MantraDAO. The rewards that have been allocated to all participants are BCUBE/ETH LP staking rewards equal 50,000 tokens per month and BCUBE naked staking rewards, set at 33,333 tokens per month.

$BCUBE is also available as a payment method on the platform. Over time, $BCUBE will be burned, as an initial burning program lasting until September 2022 will see 100% of the tokens used as payment for services on the platform burned. Moreover, 25% of the fiat revenue of the platform will be converted to $BCUBE and burned every month, with the first burning event dating back from 31st July when tokens equal $10,000 USD were bought back by the team and taken out of the circulation forever.

By 2024, 50% of the token’s circulating supply is expected to be burned. The $BCUBE token is available on decentralized exchange Uniswap V2. You can learn more about the project by visiting B-Cube`s official website.

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