WiV Technology Token WiVA Gets Listed on BitMart Exchange With Over 5 Million Customers

Global crypto exchange BitMart announced the listing of WiVA on Friday, the native token to the fine wine and NFT platform, WiV Technology. 

WiVA will join the long list of digital assets listed on BitMart including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Tether, and Polkadot. The listing will allow WiVA holders to deposit, buy, sell, invest, and trade WiVA starting October 6, the statement confirms. 

The deposits of Wiv will be opened on October 5, 2021, at 10 AM EDT while trading will be opened 24 hours later. Withdrawals from BitMart will be allowed 24 hours following the commencing of trading. At launch, only the WiVA/USDT pair will be available for trading, with additional pairs set to be added as demand establishes itself. 

According to WiV co-founder, Håkon Harberg BitMart’s listing is beneficial in increasing adoption to WiV with the exchange boasting over 5.5 million users globally. Additionally, he believes the low fee structure and easy-to-use interface of BitMart is key to driving the adoption of the token.

“BitMart’s strategy is to keep fees low and keep trading as simple as possible, making it a great partner for WiV as we seek to make it as simple as possible for investors of all kinds to participate in the WiV ecosystem for fine wine trading,” observes Håkon Harberg, WiV co-founder. 

Trading fine wine has always been a challenge across the world raising multiple complexities and expensive transfer costs. WiV Technology is building solutions to these problems by leveraging blockchains and smart contracts to digitize the global fine wine trade. The platform executes, clears, and settles trades in fine wine quickly and securely, removing the need for any bureaucracy. 

Additionally, it minimizes the current high cost of transacting in the industry and secures trades and inventory when buying or selling assets. Each wine asset is allocated a corresponding digital token that securely collects and stores information about the wine’s provenance and transaction history.

WiV has been created to enhance liquidity in fine wine trading, using the blockchain to attract crypto enthusiasts, enhance efficiency, and lower costs. Making the $WiVA token available as widely as possible is an important part of this process.

“Our objective is to revolutionize the fine wine sector, bringing liquidity to a market that offers superb rewards but has been so complicated that it has struggled to attract participants,”  Harberg said while speaking on the latest listing on BitMart. “Making $WiVA available through BitMart is a significant step forwards.”

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