World War II-Based Fighting Game Developed On The Binance Smart Chain Platform

World War II was one of the darkest moments in human history. We want to recreate the horror battles, the heroes of the battle through a game on the blockchain platform. For the first time in history, we are pleased to present: Call of Crypto: World War.

World War II was the bloodiest conflict in human history. With this theme we want to reimagine and bring them to a whole new generation of games where you can fully enjoy the RPG experience and increase your account balance at the same time. Our game development team is a team with many years of experience in the game industry and building games with beautiful visuals and engaging gameplay. We’ve been incubating a project that delivers as much value as possible to players for years, and now we’re able to make it happen, all thanks to current technology. By encoding Call of Crypto characters and items into NFT, players can become its owners and bring economic value to them through our marketplace. Our desire is to build not only an engaging and lasting game, but also a great ecosystem behind it. This will certainly be a sustainable value for investors. Join the community now and learn more about us.

Call of Crypto is an NFT Play for Earning Role Playing Game (RPG) developed on the Binance Smart Chain platform.

What is Call of Crypto?

What is Call of Crypto’s Strengths?

– Friendly visuals and super cute graphics.

– Context, attractive game content, based on historical evidence

– Many characters with different styles.

– Fair and transparent gameplay.

– Call of Crypto is built on a web application, suitable for any configuration

– Professional and experienced game development team.

– Enthusiastic and experienced community development team with multiple cores currently managing many large community groups.

– Marketing team has many relationships as well as knowledge in the field of Marketing


Gaming for money is the current trend of the market and will continue to thrive in the future where people combine light entertainment but still generate income. In addition to experiencing our attractive game, you can also bring in your income through the time you invest in playing the game. You can earn Call of Crypto tokens like:

Complete in-game daily quests, each with different levels and token rewards.

– Become a talented merchant with your business ability in trading game items on the NFT market.

Compete in the rankings on the weekly, monthly leaderboard. There will be extremely valuable rewards when you are in the top.

Call of Crypto confidently brings you the most exciting gaming experience on the market. Immerse yourself in the flow of history to the fiercest battlefields in World War 2, become brave soldiers to destroy many enemies and bring glory to the country, justice, and peace.

Character class system

At the beginning of the game, players need to own at least 1 character from 1 of the 6 countries below to be able to participate in the war. To own characters, players need to buy character boxes or you can buy these characters at the NFT trading market in the game.

The characters in the character box will have a random chance of allied countries:

– America

– Russia

– England

– France

– China

The fascist side will have the following countries to join the war (enemies):

– Germany

– Italy

– Japan

Players can choose to Buy Soldiers, where they can buy their own characters. Country, level and star when purchasing characters are random. Before entering the battle. Each character starts with 200 stamina, enough to compete in five battles. Each character battle consumes 20 health. Fitness regenerates every day. Each character can only fight 5 matches per day.

Players choose the character they want to fight in the Battle section. Then they can choose an opponent to fight. Players should also consider the strength of the enemy before deciding which enemy to destroy.

The player will spend a nominal BNB gas fee to engage in combat against the selected enemy. The game then outputs the results of the fight and writes the results to the blockchain. Players are rewarded with $COC and character experience if the outcome of the fight is in their favor. Nothing is awarded to the player if the result is a loss.

Experience is gained when the player defeats the enemy in battle. Experience is used to level up the character’s military rank, thereby increasing the overall strength of the character. The maximum level of each character is level 10

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