Exclusive: Conotoxia Eyes to Open More Branches in Europe

Grzegorz Jaworski, CEO of Conotoxia, which operates Cinkciarz.pl and a few other brands, recently revealed some of the future prospects of the company that include plans for geographical and product expansion.

The revelation was made after the company opened a branch in Poland as a part of its broader European expansion plans.

“The new office is a desire to put down roots in Poland,” Jaworski said (translated from Polish). “We want to become a very well-known broker in the Polish market.”

“The reason for opening the branch office was the desire to be supervised by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, which is very important from the point of view of a Polish investor.”

Systematic Expansion

Additionally, the company will expand the range of investment products for both international and Polish clients, starting from next year. But, it will proceed ‘systematically’.

“As a brand which has aspirations to become a global player, we will also focus on other European markets where we will want to open new branches and get more supervision from local regulators, but most of all we will want to expand our product offering,” the CEO added.

As for the ongoing performance, the broker is doing extremely well. Jaworski stated that the company will surprise the public in the fourth quarter with the results of the third quarter of the ongoing fiscal.

“I hope that is also what the branch is planning to do in the fourth quarter, including expanding the educational offer for our investors that will be new to the Polish market,” he said. “New educational offerings, improved financial results, planning new branches and new instruments are expected to make us enter 2022 with a big WOW effect.”

Earlier this year, LMAX Global migrated its Polish clients to Conotoxia providing a further boost to the trading platform. After closing 2020 with a surge that was six times its turnover, the company floated the idea of going public.

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