GMO Click’s February FX Volume Shows Signs of Recovery

GMO Click, the Japanese retail brokerage giant, has published the trading metrics of the various platforms managed by it for February 2021, showing minor recovery on a monthly basis but a significant year-over-year rise in demand.

GMO Click is one of the largest retail foreign exchange venues, primarily managing two forex platforms, FX Neo, which offers retail trading services and daily FX futures exchange, Click 365.

According to the latest numbers, the total monthly volume on FX Neo came in at 85.3 trillion yen in February, recovering from the previous month’s 83.79 trillion yen. Despite the marginal 1.8 percent monthly recovery, FX demand skyrocketed over the last year.

Taking the yearly chart into consideration, the demand for FX trading jumped by more than 13.3 percent as the total trading volumes in February 2020 remained at only 75.28 trillion yen. However, FX demand on the Japanese platform in the first two months of 2021 remained dull when compared with most of the 2020 numbers.

Achieving $1 Trillion

Finance Magnates earlier reported that with the massive retail FX demand around the year, GMO Click surpassed $1 trillion in total volumes in 2020. Though the numbers were not impressive for the first quarter of the year, given the March windfall, the consistent demand for the consecutive quarters was remarkable.

Coming to the latest metrics again, the exchange added a little less than 3,000 new traders in February, ending the month with a total of 706,002 FX Neo accounts. On Click 365, the derivatives demand soared last month but were significantly lower than the previous year. The platform ended the month with a total of 602,206 accounts.

Demand for stock trading on GMO Click was also impressive. It closed the month with over 17 percent gain in monthly volumes while surging 8.6 percent year-over-year.

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