7 Of Lou Dobbs’ Most Pro-Donald Trump Propaganda Moments

Lou Dobbs is off air from Fox Business Network.

And so, therefore, is his frequent adulation of former President Donald Trump.

Fox canceled “Lou Dobbs Tonight” on Friday.

The show became synonymous in recent years with its host’s fawning over Trump, which some critics likened to North Korean-style propaganda.

Revisit seven of Dobbs’ most Trump-boosting moments, which were often publicly appreciated by the former president, below.

‘He’s Pretty Close To Perfect’

In April 2017, Dobbs declared to Fox News host Sean Hannity that Trump was “pretty close to perfect.”

“This guy, he’s worked his tail off. Still is,” said Dobbs. “Meanwhile, taking care of national defense, national security and all the challenges that aren’t on the Trump agenda. I mean, it’s truly remarkable what he is doing and the credit that he is not receiving for what he’s done.”

Sent From God

Dobbs in April 2019 suggested Trump was in fact sent from God.

“I’ll tell you the evidence is accumulating mightily to support the pastor’s views,” he claimed.

‘Sunshine Beaming’ Throughout The White House

In September 2019, Dobbs said the mood in the White House “couldn’t be more high energy.”

“At every level, on every floor, this White House is energized,” he declared. “There’s sunshine beaming throughout the place, and on almost every face. It’s winner, and winning center, and our White House, our president, is at the top of his game.”

But Dobbs’ description was at stark odds with staffers’ reported description of the Trump White House as “the most toxic working environment on the planet.”

‘Greatest President In The History Of Our Country’

Dobbs in November 2019 hailed Trump as “the greatest president in the history of our country, including George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.”

“I meant every word of it,” he added after Trump thanked him for the compliment.

‘Unbeatable’ And ‘Simply Unprecedented’

Trump was “unbeatable” in the polls, Dobbs said in December 2019.

“It is now clear that ours is a historic president whose greatest offense is that he is simply unprecedented, and he is unbeatable at the polls,” he claimed.

‘Already Historic’

Dobbs in January 2020 praised Trump as “already historic” and “already one of the greatest presidents” who had “already set a standard” for presidents “that most mortals won’t be able to meet.”

“He outworks them. He outthinks,” Dobbs said. “He is remarkably resourceful. He’s bright. His judgment is second to none.”

Superb, Great Or Very Good?

Dobbs in March 2020 asked viewers to rate Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

But he offered only three ratings to choose from — superb, great or very good.

Dobbs’ departure from Fox Business was hailed on Twitter.

It will likely provide comic fodder for late night shows in the coming days and the reprisal of mocking bits like these from “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.”


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