Biden Begins Presidency By Reversing Trump Policies

Within hours of assuming U.S. presidency, Joe Biden signed 15 executive orders undoing many of key Trump administration policies, including on climate change and immigration.

They include order to rejoin the Paris climate agreement. Donald Trump had announced in 2017 that the United States is withdrawing from the important international deal that aims to mitigate climate change effects.

The President scrapped plans for the controversial Keystone XL Pipeline.

Biden recommitted the U.S. Government to the World Health Organization by issuing orders establishing a new White House office to coordinate his government’s response to the pandemic, and halting Washington’s withdrawal from the UN Health agency.

Another executive order made it mandatory for all people to wear face masks on federal buildings and federal land.

Biden also signed an order lifting a travel ban that the Trump administration imposed on seven majority-Muslim countries.

In another key move, Biden ordered a halt on construction of the controversial wall along the U.S.-Mexico border that was intended to stem the influx of illegal migrants from Latin American countries.

Biden signed another executive order appointing Jeffrey Zients as the coordinator of the president’s COVID-19 task force. It also restored the directorate for global health security and biodefense at the National Security Council, a body that Trump had dissolved.

“Some of the executive actions I’m going to be signing today are going to help change the course of the COVID crisis, we’re going to combat climate change in a way that we haven’t done so far and advance racial equity and support other underserved communities” Biden said before the signing ceremony at the Oval Office.

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