Don Lemon Shreds GOP Senator’s ‘Woke Supremacy Is As Bad As White Supremacy’ Claim

CNN’s Don Lemon castigated GOP Sen. Tim Scott on Wednesday, accusing the South Carolina Republican of gaslighting with his claim on Fox News that “woke supremacy is as bad as white supremacy.”

An incredulous Lemon called out Scott’s ridiculous false equivalence ― the latest salvo in conservatives’ war on so-called cancel culture ― by asking the only Black Republican in the Senate to “explain who these woke supremacists are.” Scott’s comment on Fox News was in response to MSNBC anchor Joy Reid’s claim that he only attended a recent GOP news conference to give “the patina of diversity” to the party.

“I’ve never seen a woke supremacist lynching anybody. Never saw a woke supremacist denying anybody access to housing or a job or education or voting rights,” Lemon said. “Never saw any woke supremacists enslaving anybody. Never saw any woke supremacists trying to keep people from marrying amongst different races.”

“Come on, Tim Scott,” Lemon then shouted, growing visibly angry.

“I didn’t see any woke supremacists storming the blanking Capitol. Where are the woke supremacists attacking police? Where are the woke supremacists hunting police officers in the halls of the Capitol and beating them with Blue Lives Matter signs?” he asked. “Guess who police officers were beaten by? Guess who wanted to hang the vice president? White supremacists, Tim Scott.”

“This is ridiculous,” Lemon concluded. “You are gaslighting people. You are giving people misinformation. What are you doing, brother? What are you doing? What are you doing? You’re not helping.”

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