Photos show the aftermath of an unprecedented and destructive siege on the US Capitol Building that left one rioter dead

  • The US Capitol Building was vandalized during a riot by supporters of President Donald Trump.
  • Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's office was broken into with protesters writing "we will not back down" and one rioter taking a piece of her mail.
  • One person was killed during the riot and others were injured. 
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The nation's capital entered mandatory curfew at 6 p.m. today following a never-before-seen siege on the US Capitol Building that saw rioters break into the during a joint session of Congress and clash with federal police who attempted to hold them back. Protests surrounding the certification of the Electoral College quickly turned violent as supporters of President Donald Trump descended upon Congress following the president's speech near the White House.

Law enforcement agencies from around the capital including the United States Secret Service and Federal Bureau of Investigation arrived at the Capitol after the riots were underway. The neighboring states of Maryland and Virginia also sent National Guard and state police across the border into the District to assist. 

The siege left at least one person dead by gunshot, law enforcement officials told NBC News and the Washington Post, as well as countless injured. Law enforcement officials guarding the congressional chambers drew their weapons as rioters attempted to enter while pepper spray and tear gas were deployed. 

The Capitol itself also sustained damage as rioters broke windows and climbed scaffolding to gain entry. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's office was also vandalized. 

Here's what the US Capitol Building looked like after rioters failed to overturn the 2020 US election.

Protests quickly escalated to riots and pepper spray was used to block access into the building. The orange liquid now stains the Capitol walls.

US Capitol Police officers were forced to clean their eyes with water after tear gas and pepper spray was deployed.

Rioters broke windows to gain access to the Capitol Building, with some entering and exiting unscathed by law enforcement.

Countless broken windows like these can now be found around the building.

Security installations were rushed and the US Capitol Police was often overwhelmed since the rioters numbered in the hundreds.

Pelosi's office was one target of the rioters, who left a note saying "we will not back down" in all capital letters.

Her office was further vandalized with rioters breaking mirrors.

One rioter sat at Pelosi's desk and kicked his feet up.

He was later photographed seemingly unscathed outside of the Capitol with a piece of Pelosi's mail.

Multiple nooses were erected outside the Capitol.

Protesters erected a figure labeled "traitor" with a noose and its neck.

Media cameras were also destroyed and a noose was made from the cable wires. "AP equipment was stolen and destroyed during today's violent protests in Washington," the wire service told the Daily Beast.

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By the time day turned to night, at least one person had been killed in the siege.

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