A dozen people beat, strip and rob a man in New York's Chinatown

Terrifying moment pack of men chase 26-year-old through Chinatown at 1130am after he gets off bus from Atlanta before beating, robbing and stripping him NAKED

  • The attack happened on Friday morning near Canal and Allen streets 
  • It started with four men beating up the victim, before others joined in the attack
  • The suspects made off with the victim’s phone, underwear, pants and shoes
  • The victim was taken to a local hospital with several injuries in stable condition 

Police are looking for a group of suspects after a shocking attack in the Chinatown district of New York City.

The NYPD released a video on Saturday afternoon showing an attack in which a dozen suspects beat, stripped and robbed a 26-year-old man around 11:30am on Friday after he got off a bus from Atlanta.

The beginning of the video shows surveillance shots of several of the suspects calmly walking down the sidewalk.

Then, the video shows the suspects running towards a man seemingly fleeing in the bike lane near a crosswalk.

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A shocking attack in Chinatown, New York shows a man running for his life in the bike lane

Eventually, the suspects catch up to the man and begin beating him up on the street

As the four primary suspects begin the attack, others witness and some join in the beating

The suspects eventually catch up to the victim, whose face is blurred, and can be seen kicking and beating him.

Other people run towards the fray, though it’s unclear if they are trying to diffuse the situation or join in the beating.

A different surveillance camera also appears to show the victim stripped of his clothes by the end of the video.

CBSNewYork reports the attack took place near Canal and Allen streets, and that the victim was cut by an unknown object during the attack.

The victim’s phone, pants, underwear, and shoes were robbed from him during the attack, with the suspects fleeing the scene in different vehicles.

The beating continued for some time before the suspects escaped in several vehicles

In addition to beating the victim, the suspects also robbed him of his phone and clothing

There were around 12 suspects involved in the attack in total.

The victim was ultimately taken to a local hospital with injuries to his head, hands, and torso. He was listed in stable condition.

Businesses in Chinatown have suffered over the past year due to anti-Asian racism brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.

Pictured: Two of the suspects in the beating caught on surveillance video

Pictured: One of the suspects in the beating caught on surveillance video

Pictured: One of the suspects in the beating caught on surveillance video

That being said, there is not a known motive for this particular attack yet.

‘They attacked him as soon as he got off the bus from Atlanta,’ a police source told the New York Post. The man is originally from Brooklyn.

New York City faced a significant crime wave in 2020, most notably a surge in shootings and murders.

So far, there have been 515 robberies and 843 felony assaults in the city in 2021, through January 17. That’s down 29.8 percent and 7.6 percent, respectively, from a year ago. 

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