Baby reportedly crushed to death by man jumping from building in Russia

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A five-month-old baby in Russia was crushed to death when a man jumped from a building in an apparent suicide attempt — and landed on the infant’s stroller, according to a report Friday.

The freak accident unfolded Thursday when the man plunged from the 17th floor of a building in Voronezh as the mother pushed her baby below, according to video of the incident posted by the Scottish Sun.

Disturbing surveillance camera footage shows the jumper landing partially on the stroller, hitting the baby and knocking him out onto the street.

The mom, who has not been identified, then frantically checked on her child as passersby called for help — while the jumper appeared lifeless on the pavement,  according to the outlet.

Paramedics rushed to revive the infant but he reportedly died at the scene.

“The 5-month-old baby, who was inside the pram, died in the ambulance,” a police source said, according to the outlet.

The cop added that “the man who fell upon the [stroller] died,” too.

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