Bank holiday revellers head out ahead of Easter four-day break

Start as you mean to go on! Bank holiday revellers head out for a night of fun on Thursday ahead of Easter four-day break

  • People across the country partied the night away before Easter bank holiday 
  • Britons can nurse their hangovers while knowing they don’t have to work today 

Revellers across the country were out on the town for a night of fun on Thursday night ahead of the four-day Easter break. 

Britons were seen embracing the party spirit for the bank holiday weekend.

Many were seen wearing fancy dress as they headed to bars and clubs last night.

The rain was hardly going to stop them from enjoying a great night in cities such as Newcastle, Leicester and Leeds. 

People were in good spirits as they partied knowing they wouldn’t have to get up for work in the morning.

Women dressed in Newcastle football shirts and full Greggs merchandise showed off while on a night out in Leeds

Revellers like these women in Leicester took to the streets of Britain in celebration of the Easter bank holiday

Friends came together for a night on the town as they partied their way into Good Friday. Pictured: Women pose for a photo in Leeds

On a night out, go they did: A few Star Wars fans took lightsabers with them out on the town

A woman in bunny ears with a painted Union Jack on her blue denim jeans proved herself a worthy friend as she carried her fellow reveller

A man and a woman shared a late night kiss as they enjoyed a night out together in Newcastle last night

A woman in a stripey brown one piece bodysuit-leggings combination poses near Central Station in Liverpool

Double denim is seemingly back in fashion according to this group of party-goers in Liverpool

A group embraced ahead of a night out to celebrate the start of the bank holiday

Many people wore bunny ears in celebration of Easter in Liverpool last night 

This man took fashion to a whole new level as he paired floral dungarees with colourful shoes and a pink T-Shirt

Revellers took to the bars and clubs of Leicester on Thursday night knowing that they didn’t have to go to work on Good Friday

While women and some men many braved the cold weather by baring their legs in short skirts, others opted for the slightly warmer option of denim jeans or leggings.

Others threw on leather jackets or, in one case, dressed up in a bear costume to combat the chilly British air.

Bunny ears were a common feature as clubbers added an Easter touch to outfits.

One woman was seemingly dressed as a soldier in a khaki jump suit with dog tags around her neck in Leeds

A woman in an orange floral skirt and tiara posed for a photo while holding a vape in Leeds

The Easter parties began last night as friends took to the streets of Leeds in glee ahead of the bank holiday. Pictured: Party-goers in Leeds 

Two women in cropped leather jackets, with one in a marbled black and brass skirt and the other in a denim one, enjoyed a night out in Newcastle last night

Wavey garms and white socks seemed to be the theme for most people pictured here in Leeds

Reach for the stars: A gang of three friends pointed to the heavens as they enjoyed a night out ahead of Easter

A trend seems to have been started of people raising their arms up in delight as Easter beckons

Dressed mainly in dark clothing, these young men looked in high spirits while out in Newcastle

Revellers took to the bars and clubs of Leicester on Thursday night knowing that they didn’t have to go to work on Good Friday

People in Newcastle ignored the rainy weather to start the long Easter weekend with a Thursday night on the town

Peace be with you: Women make the peace symbol ahead of a four-day Easter bank holiday weekend

This group of friends embraced the holiday spirit as they hugged before going clubbing in Liverpool

Three girls pose for a photograph before hitting the nightclubs in Liverpool last night

There was a wide range of costumes on display, from princess and mermaid outfits to Jedis and builders.

Most people danced their way into the weekend, starting the bank holiday as they mean to continue.

The bank holiday will last from Good Friday, today, until the coming Monday. 

Revellers were spotted drinking beer from plastic cups in Liverpool as they enjoyed a Thursday night out

A woman in Leeds proudly shows off her bright orange water pistol, which matched her hair

Sunglasses were a common appearance as part of outfits across Britain last night

Many a mermaid and princess was seen strolling the streets of Leeds last night

Large groups of young people were seen taking advantage of the Easter bank holiday

Britons will be happy to wake up after their nights out to know they don’t have to work this morning

Thumbs up: This group of young men were looking suave, with some wearing lei garlands

This group of men and women were all smiles as they skipped off to dance the night away

As the night drew to a close, Britons flocked to kebab shops to satisfy their cravings

A group of men chat outside a pizza and kebab shop on Bold Street in Liverpool

Many people were seen swapping beers and cocktails for water and soft drinks at this stage of the night

These two women in Newcastle celebrated the Easter bank holiday with chicken nuggets and a burger

Finally, the time came for many to call a cab home after a night out on the town to celebrate the Easter bank holiday

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