Best man's cheeky comment is picked up by wedding microphone during newlywed couple's first dance

A BEST man's cheeky comment was picked up by a microphone during a newlywed couple's first dance.

The bride and groom were left in stitches after overhearing the best man's hilarious remark about the groom's top-notch physique.

The couple had put microphones on all the tables at the wedding to record the reactions of friends and families at the reception.

As the newlyweds watched the footage from their big day, they overheard the cheeky comment.

In the clip, the wedding guest joked: "Spencer’s a*** looks so phat right now."

The happy couple couldn’t contain their laughter when they realised the groomsman had made the remark as the pair were blissfully unaware during their first dance.

They shared the funny moment on TikTok, with the caption: "What happens when you leave the mic at the head table with the best men during your first dance."

The clip has been viewed 1.4million times and received hundreds of comments.

One TikTok user said: "You can never admire your husband as much as that man does. Congrats!"

A second wrote: "Best man trying to steal your man!"

And a third pointed out it was a "true bromance".

It's not the first wedding video to go viral.

A woman took it upon herself to cut up and change her bridesmaid dress two days before her friend's wedding – but not everyone was happy about it.

Brittney Rae posted a video to her TikTok account @brittneyraetoday where she showed a before and after of the dress.

She branded the original gown as "frumpy" and "ugly" on her account, which is why she wanted to change it up.

She shared photos of the finished product, which was a chic number that showed a bit more skin than the original.

People were divided in the comments, with some slamming her for changing the dress.

In other news, one opportunistic wife-to-be decided to request that strangers contribute to the mounting costs of her wedding by writing a message on her car.

In a viral photo, uploaded to Reddit, the bride's car clearly displays the message: "I'm engaged! Help me plan my dream wedding!" followed by the woman's details to receive money transfers.

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