Biden confuses job titles of South Korean president and Netanyahu

Joe Biden mistakenly brands Korean President Moon Jae-in ‘prime minister’ hours after ANOTHER gaffe saw him call Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ‘president’

  • Joe Biden mistakenly called Korean President Moon Jae-in a ‘prime minister’ a day after he called called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ‘president’
  • The slip ups came during a speech about the  Israel-Hamas ceasefire and Medal of Honor ceremony on Thursday and Friday, respectively
  • Biden, 78, is the oldest US president ever elected 
  • He has faced questions over why his staff shield him from off-the-cuff interactions with journalists
  • Biden has repeatedly insisted he is cognitively-sound  

Joe Biden mistakenly branded Korean President Moon Jae-in ‘prime minister’ a day after he called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ‘president.’

When President Biden, 78, presented 94-year-old Korean War veteran Ralph Puckett with the Medal of Honor on Friday, he said, ‘The people in the Republic of Korea haven’t forgotten, as evidenced by the fact that the prime minister of Korea is here for this ceremony,’  The New York Post reported.

Less than 24 hours earlier, Biden referred to Netanyahu as ‘President Netanyahu’ during his speech celebrating an Israel-Hamas cease-fire, according to The Post. 

The mix-ups are the latest in a string of gaffes that have provided Biden’s critics with punchlines about the oldest president in the United States’ history. 

Joe Biden mistakenly called Korean President Moon Jae-in a ‘prime minister’ a day after he called called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ‘president’

Korean President Moon Jae-in speaks during the May 21 groundbreaking ceremony for the Wall of Remembrance 

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu looks on during a briefing to ambassadors to Israel at the Hakirya military base in Tel Aviv, Israel, on May 19

Twice in March, he tripped up the steps to Air Force One. Both times, he recovered, laughed it off and saluted to photographers and reporters. 

He also took heat for his comment at the end of an April press conference about the CDC mask guidelines. 

‘This is the last question I’ll take, and I’m really gonna be in trouble,’ he said. 

It wasn’t clear what Biden meant by being ‘in trouble,’ but critics took to Twitter to mock the president by asking who the leader of the free world could be in trouble with. 

Biden’s opponents opponents have also denigrated the president as a ‘puppet’ of his staffers, and questioned why he is discouraged from off-the-cuff interactions with journalists, which his predecessor Donald Trump appeared to enjoy. 

 During the presidential campaign, Donald Trump’s supporters made fun of Biden, saying he will be confined to the ‘basement’ for fear that being out on the trail would make voters realize he was too old and frail for the White House.

But Biden’s low-key strategy ultimately paid off, with President Trump unable to overcome claims he’d badly mishandled the initial months of the COVID-19 crisis.  

Trump, 74, himself faced repeated questions about his mental wellbeing over his own frequent blunders.

He was repeatedly filmed lifting a class of water to his mouth with two hands, struggling to walk down a ramp at a US Army graduation in 2020, and making a series of bizarre pronouncements, both in real life and on Twitter.  

Biden has repeatedly shot down rumors about his cognitive health, and highlighted that he has suffered from a stutter throughout his life. 

Throughout his political career, which includes stint as a senator from Delaware as well as vice president in the Obama administration, Biden has gained a reputation for verbal slippages and gaffes.

President Joe Biden gives a salute as he successfully navigates the stairs of Air Force One after his memorable tumble en route to Atlanta, Georgia earlier this month 

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