Brooks Koepka rips officials in Ryder Cup rules dispute

It's not a Ryder Cup without a rules controversy. 

Brooks Koepka, who saw a dominant 3-hole lead over his European rivals almost completely reverse, let his frustrations boil over at the 15th hole on Saturday. 

Playing foursomes alongside Daniel Berger against Jon Rahm and Sergio Garcia, Koepka was playing Berger's drive on the 15th. The ball nestled into tall grass near a bunker, and nudged up against a drain pipe. Koepka and Berger believed that was enough to get relief — i.e., a free drop — and even Garcia agreed with them. 

But course officials decided that the pipe, which was ahead of Koepka's shot, wasn't close enough to warrant relief. 

Sergio just spit out his drink laughing so hard at Brooks Koepka going back and forth with the rules official.

— Mark Harris (@itismarkharris) September 25, 2021

Koepka raged, understandable given the fact that he's coming off an injury sustained earlier in the month when he hit a tree root on a swing at the Tour Championship. 

Hhis arguing didn't sway officials, and as he prepared to hit, Koepka motioned directly at both officials and said, "If I break my wrist, it's on f***ing both of you." 

While his well-being concerns are understandable this is not a great look for

— Geoff Shackelford (@GeoffShac) September 25, 2021

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