Brothers tear down mum’s home so sister they claim killed her ‘doesn’t get a cent’ from sale in bitter inheritance feud

TWO brothers tore down their family home in a bid to make sure their sister "doesn't get a cent" of the estate after claiming she "killed their mother".

Garry, 59, and Malcolm Taylor, 57, attacked the family property left to the siblings as inheritance the day before it went to auction, much to their own "amusement".

The pair purposefully travelled from Hervey Bay in Queensland to Murtoa in Victoria in March 2019 to stop their sister Kerrie, 61, cashing in on the sale amid their outlandish claims she murdered their mother, Lois.

Despite having no basis for the claims, they filmed themselves gleefully destroying the property with an excavator as they would "rather pull it down piece by piece" than share the money with their sister.

They even taunted Kerrie with a text message reading, "The renovations have begun," as they ripped through the walls of the ageing home, the Victoria County Court heard.

The youngest of the trio, Malcolm, called the real estate agent conducting the sale in November 2018, saying Kerrie had "killed his mother" and promised to "'continue to take items from the house until there was nothing left," according to court docs.

The bitter family feud began after their mother Lois died in December 2013 after appointing Kerrie as the sole executor of her will.

The brothers were riled after being told their children would receive $10,000 in trust payments as part of the estate – sparking the "deep-seated" battle between the siblings.

The duo then went on a 30-minute "tirade of destruction" at the home armed with an excavator – destroying the foundations of the property, smashing windows, ripping down walls, and rolled a huge fibreglass water tank through the streets – as it was set to be sold.

Inside the home, Malcolm then allegedly daubed "Lois was murdered here," in bright red spray paint across the wall in one of the rooms, before drawing the outline of a body on the floor.

He denied any knowledge of the graffiti in court.

The property had been sold on December 12, 2018 – but intentional water damage saw the buyer pull out of the purchase before the settlement date.

It was then due to go under the hammer on March 29, 2019 – before Garry and Malcolm began their shocking spree of destruction.

A text message sent from Malcolm to Garry read, "I bet it don't look like that at 12 noon Friday," according to court docs.

Malcolm was later filmed removing the water tank attached to the house and rolling it down the street, as his brother manically laughed on, before dumping it on a large intersection in Murtoa.

They then took turns operating the excavator while the other one filmed each other taking their frustrations out on the family home.

Malcolm can even be heard yelling, "Charge!" as he rips into one side of the property.

The pair even delightedly took selfies inside the wreckage to commemorate their hard day's work, before heading to the MCG to watch an AFL match.

They shared another snap from the sports ground alongside the caption, "Few beers at the footy after a hard days renovating."

A neighbour called the police on the vandals, who arrived to find the pair leaving the house on the morning of March 28.

Garry told Leading Senior Constable Michael Baldock they "had to make sure them (sic) renovations were right before tomorrow.

"We are both tradesmen but we're f**king rough," he said to Baldock.

Both Garry and Malcolm were arrested the following morning before they could fly back to Queensland, where cops found Malcolm in possession of eight grams of marijuana.

He told cops it was just "a little bit of dope, enough to roll a joint" that he used to help him sleep.

The brothers were charged with damaging property and theft, carrying a maximum penalty of 10 years in jail, while Malcolm was also slapped with charges for drug possession and an additional theft.

They both pleaded guilty to criminal damage charges.

Judge Michael Cahill said the brothers' actions had "an entirely irrational response," according to the Herald Sun, as ruining their sister's sale saw them lose a combined $60,000.

"Family disputes bring out the worst in people," he said.

The home went on to sell for a miserable $7,500, which was split evenly between the three siblings.

Speaking on A Current Affair, when asked if he had spoken to his sister recently, Malcolm said: "We haven’t spoken to the maggot for seven or eight years."

The brothers are set to be sentenced on Friday after the prosecution and defence agreed they should pay a fine rather than face jail time.

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