Daunte Wright was on phone with his mom when he was killed and she saw his lifeless body on FaceTime

BEFORE Daunte Wright was shot and killed by a cop over the weekend, he was FaceTiming his mom – who saw his lifeless body over the phone.

Mom Katie Wright told reporters she was helping Daunte with his insurance information before his encounter with the Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, police showed up.

Katie saw her lifeless son behind the wheel after witnessing a struggle between him and the officers.

"I said OK, when the police officer comes back to the window, put him on the phone and I can give him all our insurance information," Katie said, according to Metro UK.

"A second goes by, and I hear the police officer come back up to the window and ask Daunte to get out of the car," she said.

Daunte asked, “For what?”

Katie said the police officer told Daunte: "I’ll explain to you when you get out of the car."

Katie said that her phone call with Daunte ended, implying the officers ended the call

When Katie called back, the woman in the passenger seat, reported to be Daunte's girlfriend, pointed the phone towards her dead son's body.

"And then she pointed the phone towards the driver’s seat and my son was laying there, unresponsive," Katie said. "That was the last time that I seen my son, that’s the last time I heard from my son. And I’ve had no explanation since then."

In the bodycam footage, what is said to be Potter's voice can be heard yelling, "Taser!"

Potter wasn't holding her Taser, however, and actually fired a single bullet into Daunte's chest, killing him instantly. 

When Potter realized what she had done, her reaction to the situation was, "Holy s**t, I just shot him."

On Tuesday, Potter, 48, wrote in her resignation letter that she "loved every minute of being a police officer and serving this community to the best of my ability, but I believe it is in the best interest of the community, the department, and my fellow officers if I resign immediately."

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