Eight-year-old boy's search history has his dad and sister cracking up

Smoking hot! Eight-year-old boy’s X-rated search history has his dad and sister cracking up

  • An eight-year-old boy was mocked online by his father and sister 
  • The pair exposed the child’s funny, veering into NSFW iPad search history

An eight-year-old boy received the ultimate punishment when his father and sister exposed his iPad search history to the world in a video posted online.

The child, who’d been given access to what appears to be a heavily damaged iPad, wasted no time getting busy searching the world wide net for answers to questions rattling around his little head.

The father, who has a strong northern English accent, scrolls through the iPad reading aloud the hits from his son’s browsing record.

Innocently enough, the child had searched the term ‘lucid dreams’ several times.

The term itself refers to when an individual remains conscious during a dream, allowing them to control their movements inside the dreamscape.

It’s also the title of a song by the late rapper Juice WRLD.


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A closer look at the kid’s list gives viewers a good idea of what his eight-year-old brain has been wondering about lately

The boy’s search history reveals the developing brain of a pre-pubescent child with a newfound access to the internet

The boy may have had the song in mind when he typed the words into the iPad because he followed it up shortly thereafter by searching for Juice WRLD’s contemporary XXXTentacion – a different deceased rapper who barely made it past adolescence.

‘How did XXXTentacion die?’ read the father aloud as the daughter recorded the event, positioning her camera above the iPad.

The child evidently went on to have the same query about musicians Elvis, Michael Jackson, and David Bowie.

For some – perhaps questionable – reason, the father skips by his son’s apparent search for the term arson, and moves straight along into his searches about the video game Fortnite. 

But things really fall apart when the father reaches the search term that he and his daughter seemingly made the video in response to: ‘bbq sauce on ti**ies.’

The NSFW search is enough to send the father-daughter-duo into hysterics over its patent absurdity and their own personal questions about where the eight-year-old got the idea to type in the phrase and hit search.

The comments section jumped in on the family fun, seconding the hilarity of the video: ‘I’m in stitches, this is sooo funny!’ wrote one user.

As well as sympathizing with the kid: ‘Anyone that can’t appreciate that search history has fully forgotten what it was like to be a kid, lol,’ wrote another.

Some in the comments section speculate that the inappropriate search term is the title of a well-known Vine (video hosting service for six-second video clips) from years ago.   

No word yet from the anonymous eight-year-old on either his search habits or how he plans to get back at his family. 

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