Fauci says April is 'open season' for Covid jab and anyone can get it – but not ALL Americans will be vaccinated by then

ANTHONY Fauci says April will be "open season" for the Covid vaccine – but warned that not all Americans will have received the jab by then.

On Tuesday, Joe Biden’s chief medical adviser clarified the president’s estimate of widespread Covid-19 vaccine availability to the public by spring during an interview on Fox News.

Fauci said that he doesn’t think “there really is as apparent of discrepancy as what you might think” as he clarified Biden’s projection, set out as part of his $1.9trillion Covid action plan.

“What you’re talking about is if you go through the priority areas — the 1A, 1B and 1C. You know 1A is health care providers, people in nursing homes and those who take care of them and you go on and on,” he said.

He added: “By the time you get to April, you would have gotten to the point where I refer to it for simplicity as "open season."

"Mainly, you are at that point that wherever you are in a priority you can start getting the doses.”

Continuing, Fauci pointed out it will take several months before everyone who wants a jab will get one – which he said is likely to be in late summer.

He said: “I have been saying that probably by the end of the summer you could get everybody vaccinated,.

“But the availability for people in any category will likely be by April.”

Meanwhile, Axios reports the president's White House medical team has administered the vaccine to several hundred staffers.

Officials told the publication it aims to vaccinate all in-person staff over the next few week.

White House spokesperson Kevin Munoz told Axios: "As we announced last month, approximately three dozen incoming members of the senior staff, national security team and incoming cabinet nominees received their first dose in early January."

Munoz added: "The White House medical team has vaccinated several hundred additional staffers from the Executive Office of the President who are working on site every day… to ensure a COVID-safe working environment around the president and key leaders who have national security and continuity of government responsibilities."

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