Heartstopping moment couple pose on railway where trains go 100mph

Heartstopping moment couple pose on railway track for a picture where trains power by at up to 100mph

  • Distressing footage shows a pair of cyclists stop for photos on the train tracks
  • The woman required help to get back off the line running outside Reading
  • It follows a recent increase in cases of trespassing being flagged on the network

Distressing footage has captured the moment a couple perilously stop to pose on a train track in Berkshire through which trains pass at up to 100 miles per hour.

One half of the pair, who have not been identified, is seen sitting down in the middle of the line for a series of pictures before needing the help of her companion to be pulled back to the side of the railway without falling over.

This CCTV footage follows Network Rail issuing a safety warning earlier this year in reaction to a rise in cases of trespassing on tracks at such crossings.

The two cyclists stopped to take pictures on the Calcot Mill level crossing outside Reading – which crosses a stretch of the line which accommodates up to 130 trains every day.

In addition to risking being hit by a train, the couple also face the possibility of being electrocuted by electricity jumping down from the lines above.

One half of the pair, who have not been identified, is seen sitting down in the middle of the line for a series of pictures

She then requires help to get back to safety before any trains arrive

The line concerned hosts trains on Network Rail’s Western route between Penzance and Paddington, which has been the subject of an alarming number of recent incidents of trespassing, often involving children.

These have led to measures including additional warning signs, installing cameras, and holding educational events being put in place to tackle the issue.

Earlier this year, Network Rail’s programme manager for route crime, Andy Phillips, said: ‘Incidents of trespass on the railway cause issues for everyone using the network, where an individual could sustain life-changing injuries and in the worst-case scenario, loss of life. 

‘A photo for social media is never worth the risk of putting yourself in this extremely dangerous situation.

‘It is disappointing to see people blatantly disregarding their own and others’ safety.’

Witnesses of trespassing on rail lines are encouraged to call British Transport Police on 61016 and report what they have seen.

Additionally, Mark Cleland, BTP superintendent for Western, said: ‘Trespassing on the railway is not only illegal but it can result in life-changing injuries or even death.

‘Electrified lines and trains which travel at speeds of up to 125mph, often silently, make the railway an extremely dangerous place to be.

‘Where we know trespass is a concern, we will increase our patrols, looking proactively for those breaking the law.’

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